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    Hey Creation, thanks for the warm welcome. I have been reading some posts on the site and feel that the members really know what they are talking about. This makes me feel safer than reading a book and walking blindly through it. Well, I am looking for balance in my life in regard to the inner turmoil that we are all subject to. That is what I like about Eckhart Tolle, he speaks of the suffering that people go through in their lives based on bad experiences, negative thinking, and not living in the present. I suppose that is what I am looking to balance out. My inner self; feelings, moods, thinking patterns, and energy levels. I suppose I may feel unbalanced in the sense that although I am a calm person, I am subject to getting upset over things that aren't that big and can be ignored. I would like to have inner peace at all time, or at least most of the time. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not constantly getting angry. But I am not the happy go lucky type either. And a few months ago, I was having a strange feeling of unease inside of me that I couldn't quite explain. I knew that it didn't have anything to do with the body, but more with the inner spirit (am I being too esoteric?). I really like Tolle's teachings because they speak of the inner peace and tranquility that I want so much. But I have heard from different sources that Taoism goes beyond mind-patterns, and that interests me a great deal. I know that Taoism is about circulating energy throughout the body to heal and replenish parts that need healing. I have read some techniques that I must say are very impressive and seem to produce great results that I would love to take part in, such as meditations done in the morning that make a person feel terrific and energized. I would like to know if Taoism also focuses strongly on inner consciousness like tantra, buddhism, and Tolle's teachings which are very similar in principle. I like the idea of 'the watcher' who does not let his thoughts take control over him. As far as channeling energy, I understand that we can channel energy throughout our body and with others as well. B.K. Frantzis you say? Ok, so what should I get? Here's a list of his stuff, what do you recommend? Any other author you can vouch for? Thanks for the help Creation, cheers! Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Bruce Kumar Frantzis - TAO of Letting Go: Meditation for Modern Living Bruce Frantzis - Meditation Monthly Lesson 2 Bruce Frantzis - Meditation Monthly Lesson 1 Bruce Frantzis - Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung Instruction Manual Bruce Frantzis - Dragon and Tiger Medical Qigong Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Taoist Breathing for Tai Chi and Meditation (2009 Bruce Frantzis - The Great Stillness (Vol.2) Bruce Frantzis - Relaxing into Your Being (Vol.1) BK Frantzis - The Power of Internal Martial Arts: Combat Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Qigong for Lifelong Health Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Strings of the Tao (2008) Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Ancient Songs of the Tao (Energy Arts, 2008) Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Taoist Breathing for Chi Gung and Meditation B.K. Frantzis - Marriage of Heaven & Earth B.K. Frantzis - Opening the Energy Gates of the Body Qigong Bruce Kumar Frantzis - Longevity Breathing
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    Greetings you bums! I'm from Colombia and am searching for an inner balance in my life. I have recently looked into tantra and a little buddhism, but have found that taoism interests me more. I do like Eckhart Tolle's writings, though, and hopefully will soon be practising his teachings. I currently practice Muay Thai at a local gym and like to lift weights, but I'm a bit lazy about it sometimes. I am in college, a light smoker (want to quit), and I have a few drinks on weekends with friends. I love women, they have an energy that I find very magnetic. Interacting with them is much fun for me. I have always believed that there are energies that are exchanged and radiated between people that go beyond subtext and 'vibes'. So while I know next to nothing with regards to energy channeling and circulation, I am looking forward to tapping into the teachings and techniques of taoism. Cheers to all, I feel that I am in good hands., where do I begin?
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