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  1. I saw a reference the other day to the Sage of Blue-Green Fluorescence (qinghua sheng 青崋聖). I can't find any information about him/her. Does anyone happen to know anything about this?
  2. 3 souls 7 spirits

    I tend to think of this in a manner somewhat analogous to the Christian idea of the Trinity. We have one soul, but it manifests in 3 different aspects. The 3 aspects are not always in balance, and are not always manifesting in the same relative amounts. But ultimately, they are still one. That's my take on it, anyway.
  3. Dao De Jing Audio in Chinese?

    Thank you! That's exactly what I was looking for!
  4. Dao De Jing Audio in Chinese?

    Nobody? I'd be shocked if this doesn't actually exist...
  5. Dao De Jing Audio in Chinese?

    I've been looking for an audiobook, mp3 file, or anything really, of the Dao De Jing being read in Chinese. It has proven to be surprisingly difficult to find. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. Headaches

    The acupoint you want to rub is KI-1 (Kidney 1). That will relieve the symptom of the headache, but not the cause. Another one to help relieve the symptom is LI-4 (Large Intestine 4), between the thumb and index finger.
  7. Headaches

    The headaches are a sign that qi is getting stuck in your head, as you suspected. Are you touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth? That connection is needed to draw the qi down the Conception Vessel. Also, don't use your mind - use your intention. You don't want to push or try to move the qi, instead your intention should be ahead of it, leading it and guiding it. Place your intention where you want it and let the qi follow.
  8. Food Energetics fooling me

    It's not as simple as "yin is relaxing" and "yang is energizing". The idea is to be become balanced as a whole, and you will be both relaxed and energized. What specifically balances you will be different for each person, on any given day. So if you're too yin, then yang will balance you and you'll be relaxed. If you're too yang, then yin will balance you. The same idea applies to hot and cold, etc.
  9. abdominal breathing question

    It isn't quite that simple. What Dr. Yang calls "Taoist breathing" isn't just a faster way to develop. It will also cause your qi to move to different parts of your body, and in different ways. The different breathing methods are used for healing/health meditations and qigong, vs. martial meditations and qigongs. Taoist breathing shouldn't be used regularly, especially if you're only working on health.
  10. Hello from Austin

    It's called "won hop loong chuan", you can read a little about it here. It's not a very commercialized or well-known style, so I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of it before.
  11. Hello from Austin

    I've been reading this forum for a few weeks and finally signed up today. I've been practicing and teaching Daoist Gung Fu for about 17 years, both external and internal, in a small family art. Nice to find fellow Daoists on such a useful forum!