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  1. hey guys, i was watching a dvd by dr. jwing-ming yang on small circulation. he starts off by saying when you exhale energy goes out of dantian and when you inhale energy goes back in. and then he says when you inhale for energy going into dantian you pull in perineum. he then goes on to explain the other points up the back and around. does he imply we also hold up the perineum (on each inhale) as we lead qi to mingmen, dorsal gate, and then baihui - and also each time back into dantian - or just do perineum hold on the first exercise (dantian to perineum to dantian)? ~ eddy
  2. Popping Fingers/Cracking Joints

    i was told that cracking and popping joints happens when the body is not aligned, ie. cracking back from bad sitting posture
  3. never tried hemi sync, but there's a method in kundalini yoga known as alternative nostril breathing to balance your left and right sides
  4. if you get a headache next time tap your toes 500 times and feel your toes or if you're into kundalini yoga, do the breath of fire for a few minutes or some kind of intestine exercise to draw energy down it's always good to do some kind of yoga stretching before tai chi or nei gong so energy flows smoothly in the body, so def get in some neck/spine rotations and such the reason you get headache is because energy gets trapped up in the head, thinking too much? feel more, feel the breath coming into your dan tien, energy goes where the mind goes good luck!
  5. white/black tantra

    I have talked briefly with a friend a while back about tantra, and that conversation flashed in my head quite recently. I am just wondering what are these black arts? I was told that black tantra is a quicker path to enlightenment, however much more difficult. Through black tantra one will experience many temptations of the dark side. It was left at that, which led me to wonder that these temptations include the powerful manifestations of desires and cause many individuals of opposite sex attracted to one. From these temptations a peaceful mind is harder to attain and manage. In contrary, white tantra is simply any qi gong practice cultivating energy, love, for healing others and oneself, and to be a transparent vessel, like a bridge, allowing energy flow from Heaven to Earth and vice-versa. In addition, there is a promise one who trains in white tantra that one will not ascend to the higher planes unless the rest of our world is able to ascend with him/her. However, in black tantra one simply trains to ascend just by oneself by drawing up the sexual energy to nourish the Shen so one be able to ascend. Simply put, are the practices of taught in Mantak Chia's books of testicle breathing and Xi Sui Jing considered black tantra? Or perhaps is the whole black tantra basically cultivating evil emotions for power and practicing Dim Mak death strikes? Just my thoughts about this whole ordeal between what exactly these two paths are. Will any experts elaborate on this, please?
  6. testicle breathing variations

    Okay, I am reading http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/17589-ejaculating-when-meditating-or-reading-qiqong-books/ Sounds like these variations are a terrible idea.. move along. Mods can delete this topic
  7. Has anyone experimented with combining perineum exercises with the testicle breathing. I was wondering if it would have a beneficial, quicker, effect. Also, which way would be better. 1) Pull in your perineum while pulling up your testicles on inhale and release (relax) everything on exhale. 2) Pull up your testicles on inhale; then on exhale release your testis and pull in your perineum. Would any of these variations with the perineum be beneficial or harmful?
  8. black tantra

    hi brothers and sisters! a recent discussion on tantra has lead me more interested in black tantra; i was told through black tantra you can attain enlightenment very quickly. now i know half of you are probably thinking, maybe i shouldn't get into this information as it'll only pull me in and i will lose myself, but i still think it is good to know. at least for future references as to future teachers i may meet who could be teaching me wrong things and such - and i'll admit the shortcut to enlightenment is intriguing too. i'm a sponge for information, so do any of you know of any good books on black tantra? also white tantra?
  9. Taoist Yoga and Sexual Energy by Eric Yudelove The Root of Chinese Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming Qigong: The Secret of Youth by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming
  10. Greetings from NJ

    Hello, friends! I am a 23 year old drug free lad from New Jersey, USA. Was wondering if anyone else is in the area. Anyway, I practice a bit of daily meditation mainly focusing on the 5 elements (organs) and lower dan tien with some wai gong exercises such as the ba duan jin and a bit of yoga for about a year now. I have recently been reading quite a few books about Qigong, mainly Mantak Chia and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. I am learning much about Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. I find it very interesting how the Shaolin monks are able to create such diamond hard, indestructible bodies. Fascinating stuff! Also, ever since reading Chia's Cultivating Male Sexual Energy, I have been curious in opening my microcosmic orbit, so I am working on that now with lower dan tien meditation. Well that's all for my first post; a fair introduction I believe. Good day, mateys!