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  1. taoist lovemaking and karezza

    Its about trust and respect.For a woman, any woman to fully open up to you, inorder for her give you her all she needs to know that she can fully trust you.The trust must be there everyday,especially when she gets her claws out.A women must know that you are a man and that you wont back down or run away when things get heavy. Everyday a woman should know that she is loved for who she is and respected. If for some reason the trust is shattered it can never be fully repiared.NEVER!The relationship will lose its magic and both partners will have to settle for something less. If on the other hand mutal trust and respect continue well theres no end to the depth a woman will love you.
  2. Regarding Shaktipat

    oh my many Gods!!!!!
  3. celibacy for 8 months...

    Non ask the the powers that be for love,for a women.Make love with her,totally love her,feel every part of her,worship her as a Godess,give all of your being to her,if you can, completely immerse yourself within her.Relish each moment you are locked in her embrace,let love and lust fill every fibre of your being.Be open,be competely vulnerable.Thank the stars above that you have been given an opportunity to be a man on this earth,alive and whole.The rest will gladly follow you to be sure.
  4. Dealing with Feeling

    You can if you choose to be-- a magician, a warrior someone who doesn't fret or worry but something someone strong and wonderous!!!
  5. Back

    Back from the depths of the dark sea and nothing is as it apears nor is anything as it seems