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  1. Police and Prisons

    also every country and jail is different ... the usa may want to look at putting more money into health care and education and less into putting certain people behind bars.
  2. Police and Prisons

    well how to go forward..... as someone who works as a Correctional Officer we house a lot of people who - child porn / rape / spousal abuse / assault / break and enter / abduction / torture etc. i am quite happy to be able to have these guys locked up fpr a time. we give courses and try to teach behaviors that are diffferent than what they currently use. sometimes it works sometimes not. if not we try again when they come back. then we have the addicted people who use crimes as listed above because of there addiction or in order to support it. we actually have an on site treatment centre to change attitudes/behaviors. then we have the drug dealers who may or may not use and may or may not do the above crimes as well. i will reserve my opinion on this as ther are too many vairables involved.the law, the drugs, the lifestyle, the othr people involved. does the system need change....yes but what....many probably, but it is easy to judge from the outside and have opinions. when you deal with the people who fight and assault all the time it is quite different than that i assure you.
  3. KAP Kundalini Awakening Process Dr. Glenn Morris

    hi Santiago I sent you a PM. thanks, lando
  4. Orbs Fight Challenge!

    hey orbs. where are you located? i may be able to ablige you.
  5. well this could be a problem that stems from many things. but i have had a few students and kung fu brothers who have experienced this problem from some hard qigong and kung fu. the thing that has helped the most for them has been standing med. ,ZZ, postures with the arms level with the shoulder, like a cross, or arms up in front of you , elbows down, work very well. thanks i hope it works out, landon
  6. Dealing with Feeling

    hey i don't kniow what you do for exercise if anything but that could help also. just moving around at a higher intensity than everyday experience. it can help clear things, it is so good to practice breathing etc. but you need to balance it with some movement. it can move more than just your body. keep experimenting, and good luck.
  7. Hi all

    hey guys and gals. just signing up and checking things out here. looks like good fun and some great info. i have been meditating for about 15 years now, doing qigong for 13 and martial art stuff mainly internal MA for 13 years. mostly focusing on hsing i chuan, bagua zhang and tai chi for the MA stuff. glad to be here will look much - speak not so much - but maybe here and there. hope to learn and share where i can. thanks, landon