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    Wow!! Thank you sooo much. Thats really helpful. I went to see an accupuncturist for the first time last nite and she was GREAT. 35yr experience referenced by a good friend. I felt like a new person this morning so something sure clicked. I go back on Thursday. (Id go tomorrow, but my baseball team--TAMPA BAY RAYS--are in the play offs and Im going. SO excited. So these other methods you're talking about sound great too. I'll write them down and see what I can find out. I know I do need exercise for the stomach as I have very weak stomach muscles as well....always have due to childhood surgery. Again, thank you....know your help is MUCH APPRECIATED. : )
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    Thanks Melanie! Looks like you have a wire hair terrier?! I use to have 2!! Now I have an Irish Terrier. Luv terriers.
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    [/font [size=4][/size] Hi. Im new here and hoping to gain some knowledge. I have some extreme stomach pain, like I cant relax my stomach muscles. Ive had a zillion medical tests and no surgeon wants to touch the stomach. So Im looking for alternative relaxation methods. And, stumbled across this site. Hoping for some guidance...and good reads. Ive got a call into an acupuncturist to look into that....but any relaxation or herbal remedies would be a great start as all Ive been doing is living on vicodin....honestly, not the answer. I'd be sooo grateful to any recommendations or ideas. M.