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  1. Qi is NOT Energy

    What if it's a kind of posession? read here. I'm not saying if it's true or not, I'd say it's plausible. Before thinking, hey DannyTinny you're stupid, research it before dismissing plesase . I'ts just a point of view.
  2. celibacy for 8 months...

    I'm sorry, I possibly dindn't understand well. The way you wrote it, made me think the problem may have been with you. Help me understand, why self esteem in others ??
  3. kundalini burst orgasm

    I think it is possible, some people can do amazing things with their bodies. I believe it's a mental process, and I also believe it takes discipline and lots of patience. I also believe anyone can do it if they want to. And no I never tried, because I didn't care to.
  4. celibacy for 8 months...

    This is undobtably a self esteem problem. Listen , I get the impression we think alike, beside the female problem part. Don't get me wrong I'm into celibacy, I also think it's a great thing, but nothing is stoping me from getting to know women, flirt, date, it's all about the frame of mind that comes from self esteem. And it's enjoyable. I confess that some time ago I also used to have self esteem problems, it's very common in today's society, sadly. The so called fix that I discovered is that "the little things make big things happen", look into yourself what is/are the root/roots of the problem. The part with no girl wants to meet you is completely wrong, it's absolutely absurd. We are all great each and every one of us, that includes you. Confidence ... you got it when you aren't looking for it, don't doubt it you have it. Another thing, if you know you got some problems, beeing totally honest with yourself, don't delay getting them fixed. Good luck P.S. Such big changes don't happen over night, they are just like meditation, they require work.
  5. Eye of Horus

    Interesting, didn't know these details about the eye of Horus. I'm familiar with various conspiracies and with freemasonry. The eye of Horus (That you can also find on top of a piramid on the back of the dollar bill), is in fact the eye of satan, not the eye of God, as a freemason might deceive you into thinking, or what they say on television (never believe in that box), you can look it up. High level freemasons regard it as the eye of their master, the daijjal/satan. I don't necessarely believe that aliens acutally control the governments, possible, but I dont really believe this theory. You can also look up the fact that that world leaders and bloodlines reproduce between themselves only, this means that they actually have something in theyr genetic code that they want to keep to themselves. I believe that the Nephilim were people interbread with fallen angels - they where the so called egiptian gods. (I think piramids and domes, actually a way to manipulate energies in different ways, you can look up "architecture and energy"). You can also look up that the royal bloodlines date back at least to ancient egipt, and that very influent world leaders are interrelated. You should figure out what I'm trying to convey here. If I piqued your interest, or you would like to have a more broad image I reccomend "The Arrivals" series that you can find on this blog. If you do decide to thake the red pill, I reccoment you receive it with an open mind, watch the first 20 episodes don't judge from the first episode cause you might get the wrong idea. Why watch it? I personally found that the series answered many questions, I've had regarding our future, and present even past. Also it's one of the most interesting things I've seen on video. And I also found out about the deceptions that we confront every day, from cradle to grave. The illusory Yang world we live in, that even orientals are turning themselves to this yang, they actually where originally predominantly yin (because of culture), and that ancient teachings are vanishing. I recently read the "Magus of Java", and I might add that the series and the book add up, you can actually make some sense what your purpose in life migh be, at least that is what I discovered, you might have a different idea. P.S. Before dismissing, any information please, first look it up, from multiple sources, that is if you are interested.
  6. Hello from Finland

    Indeed! I'm sure you have a pletora of info you can share with us .
  7. hello

  8. Taoist Sexual Practices

    I've read all of those, they answered me more questions than I thought of. What I found interesting in particular is a site with various information about the subtleties of sex.
  9. Taoist Sexual Practices

    I thank you for the information very much. I'm not very good at searching. Good to receive information from some tao bum "elders".
  10. I'm very curious what people think about preserving chi, through control of ejaculation. Mainly: 1. Coitus Conservatus 2. Perineum Pressure Technique 3. Pubococcygeus Contraction And if it really does preserve chi.
  11. Asking a girl out at yoga class....

    I can give you some advice, I'll go straight to the point be playful, and confident . If you're afraid you got nothing to say ... you are missing my point ... confident, don't get stuck inside your head. Start with some simple question like "How was your, session?" and build up from there. Your problems 1) Thats sounds like you are just making this excuse. You are always yourself, but not always your ideal self. Exercise some body language, better yet some attitude, cause attitude is master over body language, may I suggest some NLP anchoring? 2) You shoudn't be guilty about talking to another person, don't hit on her. Don't go like *Bang* Hey baby!. Talking to her is not much different than talking to a guy (I want to emphasize the fact that you are it should feel casual). P.S. When you want to do it don't think about doing it, just do it, go for it. If you think too much, then that little voice in your head will defeat you (so dont let it). PUAs have that 3 second rule with wich I agree (tho' I don't agree with PUAs in many perspectives), I tried it, and it works once you walk towards the girl you would feel pretty stupid to stop. If you really can't find an how they say "opener" than ... you can always be direct ... ballsy, but normal attitude don't go overboard. P.P.S. I posted this just in case you didn't get to meet that girl yet
  12. Hello

    Hi everyone, I signed up on this forum, because lately I became very interested in spirituality. I became inspired by just a few videos on youtube, namely: The Arrivals series, John Chang and other people with amazing powers. I'm also interested in psionics/psychotronics I've read about these things in a "forbidden" book (Black Box) wich are actually some scanned files about some research ... I think that many of you that haven't heard about these two concepts (psionics/psychotronics) before ... would find them quite interesting, and that's about it, oh and lucid dreaming ... Nice to meet you all. P.S. If any of you are willing to see the arrivals series, do so with an open mind because you might get the wrong idea of the entire series. I recomend this movie to anyone. Any questions about movie, or informations very hard to believe, look em up or ask me, you will find answers.
  13. Hello :) everybody.

  14. Searching for enlightement