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  1. Interesting. I saw this post in my email and came to here to make a post about it, and I see you already have! neat I am going to be travelling at exactly around the time the East Coast classes are being held, and I was excited, but once I saw the price I realized there was absolutely no way I can do it. I am young, college age and just don't have those kind of funds available now. However I just read your post in the "Where to find a genuine master" thread about phone transmissions, for $90. I really respect and believe in Chunyi Lin, I've practiced his Qigong in the past and I found it very profound and beneficial. But I am looking to experience actual physical contact with a teacher. I was thinking this would be the perfect opporotunity but looks like that is out of the picture. Is the phone method really effective? And if so I was wondering how is this so? What are the mechanics behind this for instance? I assume this is some very very high level energetic stuff, and I just have a very basic experience and understanding. Does this have to do with the fact there are truly no barriers and distance on a quantum/energetic level? I'm really considering calling Spring Forest up for a phone healing, I guess I am just looking for some confirmation of it's "effectiveness". Has anyone here had any experiences with this?
  2. A Troubled Mind

    How does one go about doing this?
  3. A Troubled Mind

    Hey OP Thanks a lot for sharing your story. I don't know how much concrete advice I have to offer at this time, but I wanted to let you know that I relate a lot to your story and your journey to overcome and move past this "scenario". I have been told throughout my life that I am talented, and I have to admit that I have been blessed with some talents, in the areas of athletics, academics, etc. But throughout my life and especially as I moved into my teenage years, for some reason I lost a good deal of confidence around my peers and other people. I think it was some time after I got fired from my first job in highschool, my parents got divorced and a bunch of other stuff happened. I really just retreated "into" myself so to speak and became very introspective. This period in my life had many positives - I was having incredible epiphanies and insights into my life and my self, but at the same time I really distanced myself from all but a very few of my closest friends. And for the past few years my feelings of distance from people and feeling like the "odd-man out" has only increased. I have the same problem with trying to get things done and accomplished. I know I have talents in areas such as music, writing, poetry, art, etc, but I too have the problem of not finishing what I start, not following through with things that benefit me. Whether that be a yoga program, a meditation practice, a workout routine, a music/art project - I almost always lose focus and fall off after a certain time. I spend a lot of time, just like you do, searching out inspiring people and inspiring stories of other people that make me feel good, but I fail to translate that "heros journey" into my own life. But as ATMA wisely pointed out, the best thing to do is look at this "negative" time as a positive. You can think of it in the yin-yang perspective - this is the shady side of the hill - if optimized, with just a little work, we can climb out of this valley and feel the warmth and joy of the sunny side again. But to me, I started finding light as I started finding direction - finding my path out of the shady valley and up to the sunny peak, so to say. Personally, because of the massive amounts of time I have spent by myself introspecting, exploring, and talking deeply with close friends, I have come to learn a lot about how I feel about the world, life, where it is going and what role I would like to play in it. Specifically I learned that I feel very passionately about connecting with nature - I was always in nature as a child and I far preferred the peace, serenity, and imagination evoked in nature to the more modern, "socially-hip" way of life that was the dominant pop-culture when I was going through school. I also came to love fresh fruits and vegetables, and how I felt eating a fresh vegan diet, but I found that I can't afford the high price of living such a raw vegan diet buying from the grocery store. I also realized about myself that people around me tell me that they benefit from my deep thoughts, insights and artistic expressions. I also learned that I have a passion for helping heal my friends - energy healing, massage, etc. SO a combination of these things led me to formulate a path in my mind - first, learn to organically farm and start a sustainable way of life by volunteering on organic farms and travelling via the organization called WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms - a great organization), take a yoga teacher's training course (force myself to discipline myself, as well as learn to practice yoga properly and perfectly), and then eventually have a nice little place in a mountainous region where I can grow my food and make a decent living teaching yoga. This clarity has completely transformed how I feel about my daily life. I think the biggest thing is finding what you really love, something that you can really imagine yourself doing with your days, and then just committing to that and going for it. I haven't left for WWOOFing yet but I am leaving in the beginning of next year and I am as excited as ever to get started on my adventure. I've come to see these past few years of [so-called] under-achieving and self-distancing as somewhat of a neccessary trial I must go through in order to help myself grow and evolve to where I really need to be in my life. Had I not gone through this period my direction in life would be completely different and I probably would not be headed in the direction of persuing what it is that I know would truly make me happy. I think the most important thing here in turning around is how you choose to look at this "yin", "shade" part of your life. If you look at it as something that has power over you and something that you will always be controlling you, I think that will keep you in the cycle. I think the important thing is to look at the positives (the yang) that is embedded within the yin, and focus on how you can transform this "shade" period in your life into all the joyfulness and happiness and sunshine that you can imagine for yourself in life - with just a little focus, discipline and work. And when it is work towards what you really want, I find that the work the becomes much easier. SO I don't know if I have offered any real advice here, I just wanted to let you know that I relate a lot to your predicament and I wanted to share my story in hopes that maybe it can help you out in some way or another. Through my journey I've found that really finding what "direction" I want to take in my life, what "mountain" I really want to climb has made a tremendous difference in my outlook, and that viewing my less-joyous experiences not as negatives but as positives also has tremendous power to motivate and see things with a more inspired and proactive attitude. Best of luck my friend Stay positive! You'll do just fine.
  4. stuff i thought i knew

    Thank you so much for this thread Little1, the information has helped me immensely, especially when talking about how it is far more beneficial to start with the basic, every-day practices and THEN go on to the highly advanced spiritual practices. I was once of the belief that achieving spiritual enlightenment meant everything in my life would change for the better, but I have found that having a theoretical knowledge of emptiness and so forth do absolutely nothing for lifelong emotional issues such as anxiety, physical strength and so forth. I guess I attracted exactly what I needed to read at exactly the right time. Thank you
  5. Expelling Sick Chi from healing?

    Understood, and thanks. Certainly the last time I try something like this without being properly trained.
  6. Expelling Sick Chi from healing?

    Excellent stuff my friend. Very very helpful.
  7. Expelling Sick Chi from healing?

    All very true. My experience may have had something to do with the fact that I didn't do any self clearing methods before healing, which I normally do with my friends and family (although there are no problem when I don't). And also maybe the fact that it was a cat, although there are stories of people who have healed their pets with no apparent problems. Who knows. I also know that I have never experienced anything of the sort with the many times I have done this with humans. A great healing system indeed. edit: Also, this time I didn't do as strong an emphasis on the visualization nor the full connection with the Master's energy, although I was partially conscious of it. Overall, I'm sure that if you stick to the method precisely as intended you won't run into any issues. I didn't see anything of the sort of my issue when I was searching online, so it doesn't seem like a common occurrence. Like I said, who knows. I have no idea what it was I experienced but it was nothing major really And life goes on..
  8. Expelling Sick Chi from healing?

    Thanks so much Center! All of those worked wonderfully I immediately experienced a lessening of the sensation with salt water in a bowl. I couldn't do a bath because we don't have a plug, however. Then I went outside and did some standing meditation and then I put my hand on the Oak tree and WOW! I felt an enormous connection with the tree and felt a lot of energy freeing up and being released (not just from the fingers) as I did that. I also touched the ground for quite some time, did a little sitting meditation and then relaxed in corpse posture with my shirt off in the grass for a while. Then on top of that I did the deep abdominal breathing with the hands crossed. After that, the effect was mostly gone but there was still a little residue. After that I just decided to take my mind off of it as much as possible for putting attention there would only amplify it, so I played some good music, watched some good videos, and drank a lot of water. And about 30 - 45 mins later the sensation was all gone. And I am glad to report that the kitty is doing just fine Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate it. A big thing I learned from this experience was the grounding energy of Earth. I have felt this before but this just reminded me and solidified the importance of grounding in the Earth for me. I think drinking a lot of water and taking a hot/cold shower helped a lot as well. Thanks again. Ciao!
  9. Hi Taobums, I am in a bit of a silly predicament. My cat had eaten a couple nips from a lily in the house. I had been learning Spring Forest Qigong and I have a little experience working with sword fingers on humans. So I tried it on my cat. I scanned for his energy and felt the sick chi. I sent him the love and implemented the sword fingers technique. However, once I was done, I was left with the sensation of the sick energy on my two sword finger tips (pointer and middle). I'm not so much worried, but I would really like to know how to safely disperse of this sick chi. This sensation still has not left. I know it is sick because every time I wave it my cat freaks out, and as I was walking downstairs to let the water take care of the chi, a lady and her dog were walking and I smiled but shook my finger and as I did that the dog barked. May seem silly but basically I'm quite sure that the qi is still there. I tried asking the water element of the downstairs lake to take this energy away but it hasn't completely left yet, although I did feel a certain watery healing sensation on the fingertips for a few moments. Just the facts again: - The cat is 1 year and a few months old. - He had a few snippets of a Peace Lily leaf, not too much, but I could tell something is up. And Peace Lily's are poisonous to cats if anyone didn't know. - I tried the sword fingers technique all the way through. Breaking through blockages - The cat ate the lily a few hours ago but hasn't shown any signs of tiredness of vomiting (yet, at least). He is eating, so apparently he's not badly poisoned. I am still keeping an eye on him though. He seems pretty fine at this point though, it was a few (3-4) hours ago when he ate a few bites of the lily (potentially deadly to cats. poisonous.). The basic problem is that I can not get the tingling sensation to leave the two fingers of the sword fingers. Is this even a problem? If anyone knows anything that might help it would be greatly appreciated. I looked for a Spring Forest forum but I couldn't find anything. I may end up contacting spring forest directly, but I'm not so sure that is necessary, I know there must be at least some people here who are familiar with the practice. I know Chunyi Lin was featured here not too long ago. Should I simply do healing on myself? I am concerned that doing this may spread the energy further. Am I just worrying needlessly? No idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (PS: trust that this is the last time I jump into something like this without total mastery, by the way. Also trust that the lily will no longer be in a place where the cat will get to it. ) I know this may seem pretty silly, but I figure this is the best place to ask something like this. Thanks
  10. Haiku Chain

    the eternal flow mountain springs and pretty things know the truth below
  11. Taoist Philosophy - Chapter 79

    Oh how I can relate to this. Great post, thanks for sharing
  12. Hola!

    Greetings everyone, I've been interested in Taoism, Yoga, Buddhism, enlightenment, nonduality and various types of healing modalities for the past few years. I've spent some time meditating here and there, but I have never picked up a continuous practice. However after recently discovering the tremendous benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong I've decided it's time to give something a go for real and stick with it. Taoist and gigong meditations really seem to draw me to them. I'm interested in learning all that I can here this here seems like a great place. Thanks for having me Looking forward to learning a lot. Chris