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  2. 道安 Dao an " peace in the Tao"

    I am happy. Sending love. Sometimes I don't know what to write because what I write is leading, so I sit for hours and wonder if I am a asshole and why I can't leave things alone. All is perfect. My words, my writing, sometimes my actions even confuse me. The Tao is something I most willingly will give. Love you. Taeo
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  4. I am waiting. I am playing. I am(happily)wandering. I do not know how full I am. I want to be emptied and filled again and again. I am attached in my detachment;desiring I find it hard to relate sometimes, now that I have, may I do nothing. It is all absurdity, i agree. I see. I see it too. Words are tricky and spell-binding, sometimes clever, but all words come from self and our emotions to guide one another. I do not write to guide you anywhere......my desire is to guide you back to yourself and you, but that is my desire and I will let it go so you may be in peace. The Tao can only be given and not received this I know, substance but no form. May my words be simple, and my love thoughtless. Taeo