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  1. Dispelling the Fog

    Thanks alot I Appreciate all your replies I'm currently practicing a few that have been mentioned and I'm looking into the other recommendations to see what resonates the best with me.
  2. Dispelling the Fog

    ~ Thank you all for your replies they are greatly appreciated. I've put your names in bold to highlight which parts are a response to you I quite enjoyed your response dmattwads I think I will look into a couple of bit from your routine, how long does it take to get all your routine done?. That was a very interesting video CowTao I should probably start watching more like that to get a better basis of all this. That was an interesting story Marblehead, I just wanted to make sure I was starting off with the correct practice as I assumed different forms of meditation went in somewhat different directions, to associate that to your story I wanted to make sure I was trying on the right type of lenses to alleviate the condition. patbb I am a beginner, this post is my starting point . I've only tried two types of meditation for a short period ( few weeks ), One is the Water method which seems to give somewhat pleasurable feelings at times ( maybe I'm unconsciously bringing this on but it feels good ) and one from Jerry Lynch where you imagine you are surrounded by something of a white bubble and you breath in the clear/positive white, letting it go into every part of your body and have it absorb the tension/negative energy turning it grey/red then breath out releasing it, This one tends to leave me mainly relaxed. wouldn't they cause change in one differently?. As for going to a Buddhist temple and the likes I'm in a small area and we are somewhat limited in what we have access to. There is a Buddhist building in town but they charge quite a bit for their classes. As for how I spend my time now it's likely most of its with worry even if I'm not fully aware of it most of the time... I do eat healthy though and I have for some time as I go to the gym a bit so bad food is somewhat counter productive. Given your response I think I will definitely need to try Zhang Zhuang scotty yiquan did seem interesting to me when I read about it a little while back. When you say "for long periods at a time. Longer than you like" What kind of time frame are you meaning? I don't want to end up not doing it long enough. cat I'm not sure I'm capable of that kind of thing, I've tried it in the past but I'm not sure I'm in touch enough to really do it correctly. ~There may be something deeper in some of your guys post which I missed, If I did I apologize .
  3. Dispelling the Fog

    I need to use a short excerpt From Bruce Frantzis' Book "The Tao of Letting Go" to explain what I'm referring to. It's freely available on google-books so I hope its ok to post the excerpt here. I believe I'm in this definition of Fog and I have been for most of my life as I can remember it. I would like to know what would be the best way to deal with this? I'm aware that Bruce uses the Water method to dissolve it in his book but I was wondering if that's actually the best way to go about it or is there a form of practice that works primarily on this kind of thing?. I'm willing to try Qigong Tai-Chi other meditation methods, or anything. I had a look in the search but I couldn't search Fog and I wasn't sure what else to search.
  4. Hi all

    Hello everyone, this looks like a great site I'm glad I stumbled across it . I'm relatively new to meditative practices but I'm hoping the information I get from here along with some friendly advice will help me start off on the right path .