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  1. My spiritual journey

    these are the 26 energy points http://www.wisetouchacupressure.com/images/safetylocks.jpg The Mudras are also very helpful. There are only a few in "the touch of healing book". He told me to get the book ("Mudras" Yoga in your hands). Since I can feel the energy in my body very clearly I tested each of the 52 mudras by doing the hand position before I read what it is suppose to do. If I felt energy in my throat doing a mudra, then it said that mudra would help issues with the throat area, I would say it was accurate. All of the mudras did what they said they would as far a I could tell, so I would recommend that book also. I test everything I do like that. I don't like to do things that are wrong, incorrect, or made up. I can sense energy in people because of how long I focused on and gathered energy in my third eye. I can sense which of the 7 chakras are most active or least active in a person. I can't do anything else, so I will never say that I can until I can. I think that I have a long way to go, energy sensing is a very low siddhis. I would put my progress at around 5% right now for completely opening up and clearing all energy blocks in my body/spirit. The best book I have read so far is still "The secret of the golden flower". The part of the book the was the most helpful was having the eyes properly halfway closed so the light can flow in. Before I knew that ,my meditation progress was very slow and difficult. When I closed my eyes halfway and so that the tip of the nose was visible instead of all the way closed my progress accelerated because the thoughts that used to interrupt me during meditation stopped appearing. Instead of 12 hours of meditation feeling like 12 hours of meditation. It only felt like a few minutes, because time is only measurable by the thoughts that fill it.
  2. My spiritual journey

    I like what fizix is saying. It is always wise to be skeptical of someone especially if what they say fall outside of the norm. Or even more so if they say to follow anything that cost an excessively ridiculous amount of money. I said that I got the book at a used book store so no money went to the jin shin jystu company. And I dont recommend taking the training courses that they offer because they are thousands of dollars and I dont believe that anything spiritual or healing should ever cost a penny.
  3. My spiritual journey

    He told me a few points to focus on and hold. And told me to get the book (a touch of healing "jin shin jyutsu") I found the book at a used book store across the street from the farmers market. I focused on opening the 26 safety energy locks and worked extra hard on the ones that said would help with problems in the arms and legs. It was not the easiest thing to do but I felt that since I prayed for help I better follow it fully and work as hard as I mentally could. When I started the first few days my body shook violently, my back bucked in the air my shoulders shot forward. My legs and arms shot up into the air and shook. My legs kicked so hard into the air a few times that I flew off my bed. But eventually the shaking subsided and I started to feel the healing effects. The first week I was feeling about 80% better, second week 95% and by the third week 98%. Definitely worth the temporary pain to be cured of what I thought could be lifetime afflictions. But now that I am feeling better I am going to focus on increasing my strengh and energy so that I can help others and hopfully become a energy healer. And help people with cronic conditions that tradional medicine cannot cure. This weekend there is a health fair and he wanted me to go with him to help him do energy healing so we will see how that goes.
  4. My spiritual journey

    The first day I did the meditation for 12 hours straight and the next day my forehead felt like someone had hit me in it with a sledgehammer. It was very painful and any concentration I did made it hurt. It took about three days for it to feel better. I could now feel it easier and also feel it pulsing not just a slight pressure. I started to do the meditations again for 12 hours a days and after three weeks I finally became fully aware of the third eye at all times any time that I focused on it I could feel a numbness, tingling, and pulsation in my lower forehead . I started to try to open the other chakras starting on my throat chakra and working my way down to the root chakra. It took about 3 months for them all to open and for me to become aware of them and feel the energy in them instantly just by focusing on them. I started to focus mostly on the third eye center mediating 10-12 hours a day for the next 6 months. I began to notice that when I looked at someone that I could feel the energy in their bodies and could tell which of their energy centers were most opened and which ones where blocked. I also could feel people emotions and if someone was crying I would begin to cry even if they were on TV. I also could feel the physical pain of people and animals just by looking at them. If a fish on TV was on a hook I could feel the pain of the hook in my mouth and the fear of that fish as it struggled for its life. I also began to see the third eye chakra, it looked like a semitransparent spinning vortex heat wave in material appearance, about 3 inches across about a foot in front of me at all times. My diet became vegetarian and very simple and light. Every day I would eat the same thing oatmeal for breakfast, 1 slice of toast with 1 tbs of peanut butter for lunch and carrots and cucumbers with a piece of toast with peanut butter for dinner. If I ate to much the energy could not move and would just be wasted and used for digestion. I then tried to start to do the small heavenly circuit. For the next few months I moved the energy from the root up the spine to the top of the head and down the front of the body, once I could feel the energy moving very clearly I started to work on the great heavenly circuit. I began to move the energy into the arms and legs after a few months while doing this my arms and legs would shake or kick or fly up into the air uncontrollably and sometimes it was very painful. Sometimes the energy would become stuck and get very hot in an area. The energy became stuck in my throat for several months and It became difficult to breath during meditation. Eventually I began to feel the energy moving clearly in my arms and legs and there was lots of energy concentrating in my navel chakra. When I mediated I began to hear a loud buzzing OM noise and cool energy would rush down from my crown making my entire body numb until I could no longer feel it at all. That energy also caused a euphoria or bliss that was very pleasurable and intoxicating. At this point it had been 1 year since I started. Then the energy would no longer move in the small or great circuits and was all concentrating at the crown chakra. It became difficult to think or do anything, the world seemed to be in a cloud. My thoughts became fuzzy and I had difficultly thinking clearly, it felt as if I were on drugs all the time and I became confused and did not know what to do at this point. I kept trying to get the energy to come down from the crown but I could not move it. I stopped meditating at this point hoping it would come down but it stayed there. For more then three years it was stuck there until a month ago. During those 3 years my physical body had rapidly began to deteriorate my joints in my knees became so stiff and painful that I could only bend them 2 inches before the pain became to much I was limping and at one point had to where leg braces and use a cane. I could not drive a car or even walk without lots of pain. My ankles, wrists and fingers had also became very stiff and they popped, crunched and hurt when I moved them. On august 7th I was tired of living in a fog filled mind and pain filled body and began to pray for help asking for the universe, saints, enlightened masters, God to guide me to the correct method for healing my body and reaching enlightenment, or to someone to who could guide me. The next day at a farmers market that I was selling some plants at. I was sitting in a chair with my feet up on a stool because it was so painful to bend them. A older man looking to be in his late 60s asked me what was wrong with my legs, I told him about how painful it was to bend them, and also about how much pain my wrists were in also. He said that he may be able to help and asked if he could try something on me. I said yes. He then put his hand on the back of my neck and I could feel energy flowing into my body and my arms and legs began to shake violently he did this for about 15 minutes then put his right hand on the crown of my head and the left index and middle finger on my third eye, then throat chakra, heart chakra and navel. I could feel the energy flowing into each point and my mind began to become clearer and the pain in my wrists, knees and ankles had almost completely disappeared. He told me to do certain meditations and that it would heal my body completely back to normal and told me I would be running around in a few weeks. I did the meditations everyday for the next 3 weeks at least 8 hours a day, when doing them my body shook and my muscles twitched and I would breakout in sweats but eventually they stopped and I could feel cool energy flowing into my arms and legs the pain and stiffness in my joints had completely disappeared. All other pains and aches in my body also disappeared the energy also moved down from the crown and my mind became clear. Not only could I now run but I was sprinting up hills with no pain whatsoever something I had not done in 3 years and never thought I would be able to do again for my entire life. I will post more later. And no I am not crazy or delusional. I just want to share my experiences with others so they do not make the same mistakes.
  5. My spiritual journey

    I've said to much and done to little, I'm heading back into my cave to meditate.
  6. Introduction

    Hello I have been doing internal alchemy for four years. I wish to learn more about advanced internal alchemy and about others experiences with internal alchemy. Thank you