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  1. Hello Dwag, Everything you say seems familiar to me.I didnt experience any of this travels to another realm,but I have my share of intervention from spirit world.Few times in my life I was having different types of problems, and almost every time help came. But it is not about me,it is about your experience.I would like to know did you receive a task,from the higher being,or something that you have to do to benefit the mankind?If you dont have the aproval to talk,I will underestand.
  2. Taoist magic

    I dont know about taoist magic, but you can find on internet Initiation into hermetics, a book supposedly writen by Hermes Tristmegistus, the greatest wizard of all times. I remember a strange news a few years ago-in Sahara desert an old artefact from Hermes is discovered.There, inside, were written only one sentence;"As above,so below.As inside,so outside."
  3. painfull ming men

    Hvala za pozdrav i dobrodoslicu na mom jeziku (Thanks for welcome on my language)! I will certanly go to main thread, because chi-gong is new for me and Sun salutation too. Thanks again for your kindness! As Mother Teresa would say:Kind words are simple,but their echo is great!
  4. painfull ming men

    This is very interesting about mingmen between shoulder blades.almost identical explanation is in Barbara Brenans book-The healing heands-where she describes chakras opening.For the second chakra-Shvadistana. Well,regular chakras opening,or at least Muladhara and Svadistana should remove tiredness. My basic problem is lack of will to do everyday exercises.Some exercises are pleasant,some are not. It may be the problem that all humans have-how to organise life to live in peace,health and harmony with self,others and nature. Will be vary helpful for me to hear from masters of tai chi,chi gong and other arts of energy cultivations, how to make daily routine.
  5. painfull ming men

    Yes,I meant Gv-4 as a mingmen.Can you be more specific what other ming men are present in the body? Well,being a doctor myself,I eliminated other physical factors.Also,When I apply heat on Gv-4 pain on my lower back diminishes. Some exercises help also.The 8 precious exercises always reduce sorenes in about 80 percent. Ocassionally I do Tai chi Sun stule for health which I learned from Dr.Paul Lam after I bought his online program. I want to live in good health.Everything I know is not enough. Earlier in My life I use to smoke, but menage to quit using acupuncture on my L-7(Lieque) point and a few ear lob points. Also,I use occasionally Do-in tapping and it helps too. Howewer,all this tehniques helps temporarily and it frustrates me.
  6. painfull ming men

    Hello everyone, the reason Im posting here is that my ming men is painfull when the wether is becoming colder How I know that? Well,Im a dds and an acupuncturists.But my knowledge is limited because I live in Montenegro,an small country on Balkan peninsula.My origin is from small fishermans village,and,thanks to my parents extreme effort,I was able to finish a colledge.Then I had to work hard to repay and help my family. Hard work took the tool on my health.Also,my genetic code is about average,in some aspects less. Im becoming more and more easily tired. My mingmen is painfull that much whole lower back is sore,even today in slight drop of temperature. Please advise how to srenghten my mingmen. Thank you... Aku