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  1. Pain in getting startled - Meditation

    Meditation is about accepting the Tao as it is. You sound like you're approaching your practice with an aversion to noise. This just sets you up for distress when noise occurs. Try using all the same techniques you're using, but alter just one variable. Go into your sitting with an acceptance that when noise occurs, that's just the universe being itself. I suspect that without the aversion, you'll not be so disturbed when noise occurs.
  2. doesnt know what this bit is for

  3. Taoist meditation

    Hi Rainbow Vein, Thanks for the links - I'll check them out. Much appreciated. Michael
  4. Taoist meditation

    Hi Everyone, I've just joined the site in the hope of learning more about seated Taoist meditation methods. I'm a Zen priest, so I'm aware of shikantaza, koan work and breathing stuff - but right now what I'm finding most helpful is zuowang, so I thought I'd join up to see if there's any more handy techniques you people know about that I don't. I do tai chi and I've read that pair of books by BK Frantzis on the "Water Method". Do any of you know of any further useful sources (books or, preferably, teachers and/or practising groups) regarding the yin side of practice that might be open to me? I spend most of my time in Oxford and on the south coast of England but would be willing to visit London if necesary. In my world we sign off with a "gassho" ( _/\_ ) but, as I say, I'm new to Taoist circles! Michael