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  1. I will ask how much it costs. less than 15 people, right? Cool..
  2. Mozi Neidan Scam

    "TheTaoBum"/"lucas huang"/"lotus_born"/"sutra" /"Taozen"/"seongye"/ "DragonGateNYC" etc. are all IDs. They know each other, they are shadows of group of real people.
  3. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Kronos, Did you read the FACTS and EVIDENCES ? I was astonished to get some information sending from friends. It is said that there are evidences (conversation being recorded & witness)confirm "TheTaoBum" = Jeannette = "DragonGateNYC". Someone witnessed the conversation told me another astonished information: In the Dec. 2010 class, the price for the Africa American (Kw...e) going together with Jeannette is $3900, and the American (Ga....l) and you going together with the rest of the group is $3200. Did you also quote your bringing together friends (Asil in 2009, Cl...dio in 2010) extra $700 ($3900 - $3200 = $700) ?
  4. This is absolutely fake Richard Liao ( if he acclaims he is from Lao Zi Academy) just for insulting others. My Daofriend just contacted with Richard Liao (a board memeber of Lao Zi Academy), the price is still that posted in the authorized website ( in online meetups or in the email notices for who has signed in Lao Zi Academy. The liar can be easily detected by direct contact with board numbers. As Master Wang advised, Lao Zi Academy will host April and Dec. retreats in Dalian, no matter what she or he says just on the behalf of himself and herself. Dr. Kathy as a disciple talks to Master Wang almost each day, the guy would also like to take this opportunity away from her by my understanding.
  5. See Vortex's advice below. Please stop editing and performing games by yourself for insulting others. Actually, the sleeping practice" was not originally posted by Kathy in that forum. Please check it out. That vedeo ( http://www.thetaobum.../page__st__144) in the Vortex's post may help you solve your problems ----------------- But love can only be given, not taken. And that is one thing that your ego can never control. So, egoic control is not the answer here - but will merely continually worsen her problem.. (Btw, I am psychoanalyzing and openly speculating about whoever is making these accusations, not her target, lol.. Although this is supposed to be a thread about Master Wang's has obviously become merely a proxy for someone else's own internal struggle. This appears to be a classic case of Freudian projection that Byron Katie self-inquiry could definitely help resolve. Lots of meat to work with A great opportunity for self-growth, in fact. As there can be no peace with others, until there is peace within yourself! ) So, I hope we can all resolve our own issues here and become a functional, loving family. We all have much to contribute together, instead of against one another. BTW, if you have something against Chinese food or teachers with very poor English - then you probably shouldn't go see Master Wang in China, lol. To me, fluent Chinese or bilingualism is far more important in a Taoist teacher - since all the source material is in Chinese. I (and probably many other students from non-Anglo countries like Russia) could thus care less about 100% grammatically-correct English.. Seriously, who gives a f***?
  6. Comments on the retreat( organized by Lao Zi Academy in last September ) writen by dragonrt on Taobums Posted 08 September 2010 - 05:19 PM The retreat was very well worth every penny. The most important thing was having a chance to talk to master Wang and asked questions directly. Even those who paid thousands to attend master Wang's public retreat in China didn't have a chance to talk to him. We learned and practiced the 3 "Gongs" from Master Wang's teaching of Ling-Bao Internal Arts. The instructions are well prepared. We even had a chance to learn and practice the newly introduced "Nine Palace Baqua Stepping" method. The group meditation session in baqua formation was powerful. The introduction to "Secret of Golden Flower" is well explained. Wished we have more time to practice it. Heard from Kathy that Master Wang may consider to come to the States to hold a 2 week long retreat if there are enough interests. A sign-up sheet, anyone?
  7. Ken has a very good post here illustrating the pictures of money talk. Those two posts above ( by Sutra and Taozen, could be same person from a same IP) are actually nonsense, 1.why are they intentionally insulting Lao Zi Academy and its members? because those members are finger-printed disciples of Master Wang or Master Wang is wrong with his views to those disciples?? 2.why don't they post all information ( from 1-7)they received from Lao Zi Academy but only "5. Extra cost for translation: ....." 3. All potential attendees could have two options to select( April retreat and Dec. retreat which will be hosted by Lao Zi Academy ( I think several Doctors in Lao Zi Academy could have no time to fight with a #### $300-400 could not be a big deal. Even some guys want to make this small amount of money covering trip and tuition cosr, this only shows the life even for pursuing Taoism is an uneasy thing and needs money to support.
  8. I already signed up through and I am practicing tree balancing in FL. Spring is a pretty good season. Following the update information of Lao Zi Academy, I found the new post in the forum of LZA as follows: TREE BALANCING ARTS (Ping Heng Gong 平衡功) History and theory Balancing Arts are traditional excises of Taoism moving arts. They had been kept in secret by Taoist qigong masters for centuries and was introduced to the public recently by Wang Liping, one of the most powerful Taoist master at our time. Master Wang had been trained by three Taoist masters in Lao Mountain in Shandong Province, China since his childhood and began to serve the public in 1980s. Balancing Arts have been proved to be a very effective way of improving our internal qi, external qi and healing power. Master Wang taught people doing tree balancing arts. The Balancing Arts were developed on the basis of ancient Tunashu (breathing technique), combined....
  9. Actually,I attended online meet-up ( organized by Lai Zi Academy)with Master Wang and Mr. Richard Liao, Richard Liao as a borad memeber of LZA clearly claimed during the onloine meetup that price for his leading workshop is same as that posted in the website of LAo Zi Academy. From my understanding, since LZA is non-profit oranization, it should bring some benifit to attendees. As for other guy, say who accused of Richard orKathy or LZA and would like to make a little money, that only shows life is an uneasy thing and we should have money to support. In addition, we can contact with Mr. Liao and asked him what price he is asking.$300-400 is not a big deal.
  10. It looks event news for 2011 has come out at
  11. How to find a Teacher?

    visit and find sth like retreat and online meetup
  12. It is really true experience for sitting. Sitting cultivation actually is kind of hard job "like a military drill". It is said when Master was a safety guard in a oil factory in 1980s,he used to catch a theft who intend to steal the property of the factory and forced him to do full-lotus immediately. Due to painful experience even during several minutes, the theft asked master Wang to release the full-lotus and promised to tell Master Wang a full truth about his gulity of stealing. Anyone who really sit strictly will bear the painful process.
  13. Becoming a student of Wang Liping

    I just tried to visit there, it looks fine. All information is at
  14. Very good post. see new post at :"The Dao is not hidden from humanity, but that humanity has hidden itself from the Dao" "Wang Liping Teaching Openly - Why is this important ?" by Mr. James