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  1. Mundane Reality

    What we resist will persist. Your shaving off layers. Try not to think about this chakra or that. Meditate, let the emotions come and Let the anger and temperament come but express and experience the emotion in a healthy way. Explore the depths of it. Its the only way you will get to the bottom of it. Good job though! Getting pissed for no reason is usually awesome development.
  2. Entity and fourth chakra

    If the person doesn't help you and your visitor both go forward with a win win as to a permanent solution, then I would recommend moving on to someone else who maybe of more assistance. Also, ask yourself, it(Whatever) What is its relationship with matter? What is its relationship with time? How does it hold itself in space? What is its purpose? That is if you believe in that sort of thing, there is a good more to a session but that should give you some insights and some direction. Paying someone to drain a wound/vistor once a month isn't fixing a leak. just my 1/2 cent. V
  3. Introduction

    Yep yep. I am of the position that all paths lead sorta to the same place. The cultural lens maybe a bit different and the practice maybe different but it all ends up the same.
  4. Introduction

    Thanks for the welcome. PEAT is a methodical usage of nonsensical conscious thoughts to discover what really lies within. How much energy each day is spent by most people trying to portray themselves as something they wish they were yet want to be something else. PEAT, DEEP PEAT and similar tools are for examining life's sensory input externally and internally to link to the whole. You can check out this blog about a journey through himself. --V--
  5. Introduction

    Hi All, Just the typical intro post. I am here just to read mostly and learn what tidbits I can. My background is mostly in Zivorad Slavinsky's Spiritual technology in Peat, Deep Peat, and other techniques, I have done all of the classes and do sessions and what not. Its given me some pretty unique perspectives on things and I just wanted to share with like minded individuals. I have lurked a bit and saw there were a few people here who have some interesting things to say so I thought I would register. Hello:)