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  1. I followed along as best I could while I watched and then tried one piece for a few days. I do this for all the vids I borrow. I don't remember exactly but I think there were a few moving forms and a few stationary postures. Though it was nice seeing GMDW, the video didn't inspire me to adopt it as a practice. Also, my personal policy is that if I borrow something and I like it then I'll go and buy a copy for myself. I just feel better about doing it this way. That said, the price tag was so high that I couldn't pull the trigger without being really excited about the material. So I didn't. It's possible that if I had dropped $300 on this sight unseen that I might've put in a longer effort on the material and maybe seen results. Or maybe I would've been pissed off. I'll never know.
  2. I have seen the Doo family 690 AD DVD. A couple years it was making the rounds amongst my friends (we share videos) and it eventually got to me. I remember a few things. It felt more demo-like than instructional. The production values aren't too high (don't care personally, but some do). But most of all I remember that it was 12 minutes long. In total. And not all of it was spent showing the forms. There was some mini history lesson up front. Maybe this qigong is all that, but $300 for 12 minutes of video seems waaay steep.
  3. Hey Mal, I noticed that the info I found earlier about the 300 post limit was related to IP.Board 2.x --so I've tried poking around the forum and articles section over at IPS in the hopes of learning more. It turns out that the 300 post limit also seems to apply to 3.x but I haven't found out more of value about the database error. My current concern is this: I can create a print page for the Haiku thread (albeit it's just the first 300 posts) but I can't do the same for the FP thread (database error). To me this looks like something else is going on with the FP thread. I'd hate to see you split it up and get nothing to show for it other than three threads that won't print.
  4. Thanks for taking a crack at it, Mal. I did a quick search as you suggested. I didn't find what the cause of the problem might be (yet) but I did learn that invision has hard coded a cap of 300 posts for the print/download functions. I noticed something like that with the haiku thread when after I clicked to "print" the board software came back with considerably less than the full number of posts. I guess in the Flying Phoenix thread it's not only too long (too many posts) but something else must be goofed up as well. Ah well.
  5. Newbie FAQ

    Happy to be here, Mal. Thanks for the welcome.
  6. Newbie FAQ

    Well, it looks like what's required is a post here in the Lobby. Immediately after doing that, I'm able to post and reply elsewhere. Maybe I missed that in the help/faq? Peace!
  7. Newbie FAQ

    Hey there all, Is there a newbie posting FAQ? I've seen the help FAQ but it doesn't say how you can post in places other than here in the Lobby. I can create a new post only here--though I'm not able to post a reply to existing topics here (or anywhere on the board). And the faq doesn't mention when you'd be able to PM somebody. Is this stuff common knowledge? Thx!