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    Hey guys. New here... I've been an aspiring "taoist" for a while now. I don't really know what your opinions are on taoism. I'm not the best educated on the subject, but I've read the tao te ching 4 times now and I believe in a lot of its principles. I don't believe that there is one way to interpret things, especially ancient books like the tao te ching, so I might not have the same thoughts and beliefs as some of you guys. The bottom line is that I think that a lot of the messages that I got out of the book could help me become a better person, and thats why the book has a big impact on me. That being said there are also parts of the book that I disagree with, but again, I'm not interested in being a strict "by the book" taoist. My goal is to practice the principles and values of taoism that I believe in and that I interpreted. Just kind of a disclaimer I suppose. Anyway, if anyone could tell me how I become a member so that I can post in the other forums and start talking about taoism I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!