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  1. Western "success"....vs...Taoism

    Thank you. I am still in a very early learning stage...and reading bits and pieces of different things on the internet, I was not sure if what I was reading was credible or not. I was going to cut and paste what had caused me concern, but I cant find it no worries. Thank you.
  2. I am a little concerned. I am a salesman. Now, I have a little different sales job. I sell market information and weather to farmers. i dont have to lie about my product or anything like in that I feel good. Here is my concern. I have considered starting my own company doing something similar...but I dont have the money to do it. If I cant pull that together I will have to do something different...only because my current job is not something that I can do forever. It is very much just a job. So on the one hand i have these goals and desires to earn an above average living...(I would like my wife to be able to stay home...there are things I need to do to my home...etc etc etc) but I am worried that having a desire to make money, or to start my own company etc etc is in some way..."anti-taoist" but on the same token I dont know why it would have to be. Maybe its not the making money that is anti taoist...maybe its the desire...but i have always been taught that in sales you have to have big goals, and work to achieve them...I feel conflicted. Thoughts?
  3. is ignorant...but learning

  4. "Who do you pray to when your playing Craps?"

    I guess what was the most humorous to me was that he was not concerned with "Well how do you get to heaven" or even "who do you pray when things are just really hard" or anything like that I have was playing craps...and he was serious. THAT is what popped into his mind.
  5. Where to start

    yeah, my place is pretty awesome. We do see all kinds of starts. in the winter we feed the birds, and there are 3 pairs of cardinals around. There is a hawk that lives in an old cottonwood tree on my property, and a few weeks ago we saw two little fox (foxes?) playing. There are trees blocking by view form either of the two nearest neighbors, and a little pond on one side of my property. Add that to my horses, and dogs...we have a pretty good life.
  6. Where to start

    I will do that. Since I do live on an acreage with no neighbors that I can see and no lights to screw up my view of the sky.
  7. Ok. was reading this site...someone in the office saw it and said... "They dont believe in God? Well who do they pray to when they are playing Craps?" I just found that little nugget too good to not share. That is all.
  8. Where to start

    Thanks for all the advice. last night I picked up from the book store Tao Essentials (or something to that affect...I have not read in it yet). I saw the 365 days book. a couple others that I saw were Tao of Abundence Scholar Warrior Tao of Inner Peace Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing Tao of Health, Sex, and longevity I was thinking of getting 1 or 2 of those. I also have to say I grabbed the idiots guide to I cant find Tao of Pooh around here so far. Sounds like Scholar Warrior and Complete Book of...and the 365 are the most recommended? I will check the book store again and see what else I can find. As for guys suck! Mt. Dew is my friend. Ok...done venting. I am a meat eater...but not a ton of red meat. Boneless Skinless chicken breast is prob the thing I eat the most. I eat very little ground beef. I use beef in stir fry and fajitas. I eat pork some. I eat almost no fish, and vegetables are usually corn, green beans or salad. I know what I should do...but doing it is not as easy...hahaha. Thanks for everything...I will keep reading and lurking
  9. Where to start

    I started this thread about 10 times. and each one made me sound about as ignorant as possible. So now I start out saying, I am ignorant, so please excuse me. I am 37. I have a wife, three kids, a home on 5 acres in Nebraska (30 mins outside of Omaha), I am 5'9 and weigh 220 pounds, and I work in sales. I tell you that because I am pretty much typical American man. Grew up Christian to the point that I almost went to become a Baptist preacher (that was about 12-13 years ago). I cant find it in me to believe that any more...but I find since then that I still crave for something. I have been drawn to Eastern Philosophies almost naturally...if that makes since? for several years...but not to where I have 'studied' or 'practiced' them...just on a very superficial basis. Recently I just keep feeling like I am not harmony, I dont feel good physically, I dont feel good spiritually...etc etc etc. I went back...maybe I am missing God...and reading the bible, trying church...that wasnt it. Then I came across some notes I had in a notebook about what I believe to be true, and started looking for what fits what I have determined to be true, and have come to Taoism. So what now? where do I start? what do I do? As I said I am very western, and I cant give up my job in sales, and start meditating all day. (I TOLD you I sound ignorant...) I know that is not what it asked...but I know part of me is going to struggle with ego and self importance and monetary goals etc...because its required of me to keep my family happy etc. I dont know what I dont know, and I dont know where to start. There is not much in the way of resources locally that I have been able to find. i.e. i cant find much in the way of Tai Chi classes, or TCM etc etc locally...much less a Toaist master to teach me. (believe it or not Omaha is not the bastion of ancient Chinese Wisdom that you might think it is....) Any insights, direction, online courses, books, etc etc etc etc etc. Thank you...and I apologize for my ignorance.
  10. New and from Nebraska

    I would like to say a brief introduction...but I am never brief. I am Mike from outside of Omaha,NE. I am looking into Taoism. To be honest I have an inner feeling of what is right, and it seems to align with Taoism...but I dont know enough to know if that is true. That is why I am here. I am politically a Libertarian...and it seems that fits with what I have been reading. My concerns are: 1. I am in sales. My profession requires that I have that money driven always trying to hit the next goal type mentality. I dont know if that really will fit. I have a family and cant really change my profession. 2. I dont know what day to day life as a Taoist would require of me. I would love to hear your thoughts. thank you.