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  1. Internet Generation and Tao Training

    Just a feedback from a young mother (our son is 2 years and 8 months old): The internet, TV and others like this are not all left-brain. It depends on what is seen/trasmitted through the media and how it is used. Time spent, speed and visual/auditory/kinesthetic stimulation are important too when comes to left/right brain. There is another part of 2000' generation - the one bred by parents knowingly educating them using right brain education also, according to child's developmental stages when it's most appropriate to use them to gain acces to right brain characteristics. And they can do that by using new technology also. Sometimes the technology is more helpful in right brain teaching than using a person-to-person communication. Sometimes it depends on the child and teacher too. It depends on the way children learn - visual, kinesthetic etc. I don't know how many of these parents exist, but I've seen the tendency increasing all over the world (Edit: I've been on an international forum for parents for a year or so, that's why I've had enough time to see something change - there are over 30.000 parents all over the world). And they are studying anything available related to the right brain teaching as they want their children to be more centered, balanced, aware. They talk about intuition, ESP and more and children show interest and results. Those children are taught in every aspect - reading, writing, math, science, art, music etc. using both left/right brain teaching methods (from an early age).
  2. Women's health, women wisdom

    Yes, sounds interesting. In fact, I'm glad you mentioned abound "point of view". Thanks to my husband's vision in life, I managed to see myself more in a "spatial" or "globular" vision, instead in a "sequential" or "3D" one. Now I am able to identify (through intuition, inner feelings and so on) what info suits me and is useful for me and pick it up and use it like a missing piece of the "multi-dimensional puzzle" - of myself, that is. From Castaneda's and Daoist teachings I've found out that a woman, with her womb, has a different and extraordinary ability to work with energy, comparing to a man. I was told that the first thing a woman needs to work with, regarding the 3 Dantian, is the Heart center. And looking back in the last 2 months I can say that it's right. It's very fascinating for me to see what happens when I take care of this center. And at the beginning I didn't do a certain practice. I mainly solved big emotional issues - things left unspoken, things that hurt deeply etc - by being aware of them. Then by figuring out a middle way to solve those problems so to find inner peace and finally get over them and move on with my life. I've tried to practice certain techniques, but it was very hard to be natural. So I've started to see what practice is good for the present moment, what is the one I needed most and I benefit most from. And it works ! You see, for me, the change of attitude towards me, my life, God, my family, etc. was the "trigger". That's how I've managed to forget about what I did or didn't do in the past and I've re-grouped myself for my sake. This is the way I got back to that "woman wisdom" thing. And that's why I'm continuously looking for things that go along with this kind of thinking - a female approach to daoist practice, to life. The more feminine I am, the more I'm closer to the real me. The more I'm me, the more I become peaceful, happy, healthy and even charismatic. Without realizing, until a while ago, I've tried to follow the male way of thinking, but it didn't and in fact it couldn't have worked out for me. I've had the chance to hear or read what some men (my husband, different masters and teachers etc.) say about the practices for women. Their insights and teachings are very interesting and useful. Sometimes, as it proved in my case, a man is the best help in a woman's life when it comes to awakening the feminine side of her being. I say that because I was brought up more in a manly way (I have a wonderful father, and a mother that could be in my life only for a little while...), and didn't have much chance to meet and learn from a "woman model".
  3. Women's health, women wisdom

    Is there anything you can recommend as a useful resource for women's health, from a woman's point of view ? I mean books, websites, anything. Something that is written especially for women, suited for the way we are (for the physical, emotional, and spiritual side too). I'm looking for anything that can teach me first what are my female body needs. And I mean not something with diets for weight and so on. Mantak Chia, Saida Desilets, Dr. Northrup are some names I gathered from here and there. Though Dr. Northrup seemed to be a good place to start, but I'm not convinced. Mantak Chia and other male teachers have useful daoist practices for the emotional side (I've tried them, they do work). But for women sexual practices Saida Desilets seems more appropriate. How do you, girls, take care of your bodies' health?
  4. Male or female teacher for women practice ?

    After reading few of Saida Desilets' posts on her blog I feel a big difference between the teacher I have here in my country (a man) and her. Her energy is so smooth, like a calm wind coming to you and through you. I like "listening" to her words. It's so different than the energy I'm used to, the male one. And she has risen an interesting point: "As women we must have discernment, especially when it comes to the subject of our sexuality and sensuality. We must be willing to look deeper than the surface and ask ourselves revealing questions such as; “Who funded the research we are basing our choices on? Why would we give away our power in exchange for information, no matter how great the guru/teacher/master may be?" (Source: Discernment) Her last question rang a bell to me... kitten
  5. Male or female teacher for women practice ?

    (Someone answered this, it's encouraging for me, thank you ! ) You said things nicely! Yes, I know what you mean. Some teachers are so advanced that they can connect to the physical or emotional or energetic etc. body of a person and feel what that person feels (they are kintestetic-skilled, have abilities). But for me, as a woman, it is not enough. That person is still a man and "being me" in a moment, doesn't make him good enough or isn't right enough to teach female sexual practices, in my opinion. I agree, the energy of a woman is different in everything she does. So her teaching is also different than that of a man.
  6. Hey girls (or guys who asked or can ask your girlfriends), Who do you think would be the right person to teach female sexual practices: a man or a woman ? Does only a woman understand better the women, or are there also men who can teach, with an open mind and thorough understanding, sexual practices to them? Would you talk about your sex life, your vagina, your fluids, the way you work with your body, senses etc. more openly to a man or to a woman ? Please feel free to share with us your thoughts. I don't have experience with a female teacher, that's why I'm asking. I only learned from male teachers (either through books or live courses). Thank you. kitten
  7. Chia egg work

    Good point ! The thing is that women who practice something in their life, are looking for a guy / partner who can join them on this path. Who can have or has gained control over his penis and sexual reactions. But, unfortunately and what's so disappointing for the women who - fairly - are looking for their half, few man are capable of that, even those who practice. So... either you keep your high standards and believe that there's someone special for you waiting out there, someone who will be the perfect man for you... or... You forget about you practice, give up your dreams, and accept whatever life is giving you. So you live your life like this, never knowing that if you have patience, self-esteem, self-confidence and strong belief that everyone in this life has his or her half, you shall met that guy and live a happy, healthy and inspiring life. Years ago I had to choose in this respect, and life helped me to make the right choice. Please bear with me, and read this with patience: Few years ago, I was wondering about, because my (love) life was miserable - I made odd choices (that means they weren't so good ). And I didn't feel ok. I was interested in energetic stuff, I could feel the energy of the places, the people, and I didn't like to go anywhere and anyhow. But those around me were just ... normal people... who had no idea of what the energy feels like, and that life is more than we see and perceive with the physical senses. I wanted something else, and a REAL partner, one who could help me grow in all areas of my life, who could help me develop. Not a chance in that kind of life I was living in! And... life gave me a little help, again ! I am so lucky ! (Or was it because... you attract what you give... ? or what you need ? I'm not sure... ) Life gave me the chance to realize that I really am a woman who can make her own choices in life. Who can say no if she doesn't want something, and who can say yes if she does. Who can go on thinking the way she does because people around you and the environment you have in your life adapts, reacts, and changes to your inner life (to the inner changes, to your inner reactions, emotions, thoughts etc.). I made a choice: I'll wait for the right guy to come, no matter what it takes. I gave up looking for him around me, and just waited and enjoyed life. I took more care about myself - I've worked on self-esteem etc etc and... The answer came shortly after - I met someone very dear to me. The one who, after few years, gave me the most precious treasure - a child. We are both practitioners now, not only him. And I'm growing up on the spiritual path because he's right beside me and I've started to practice under his guidance. Someone else's story: A girl-friend of mine felt the energies around her, did some yoga and knew a little about the sexual practices. But because she had few disappointments in her love life, even with a guy who pretended to be a practitioner, gave up all that. What's the point of practicing something, when no one in your love life does it or needs it, right ? (Wrong, if you ask me, but...) So... her life is normal too... She's happy the way it is... but she could have more... because she was (and I think still is) special inside. But she chose to forget that she can do or feel more. Hope this helps someone... kitten
  8. Chia egg work

    Yes, you're right. It took me some time to realize that. Now I'm happy that I can share it with someone. Also, a woman using these senses in intimacy with her lover can help him too. She can tell him if his practice and lifestyle - food, sex life etc. - is helping his fluids or not. Especially if they are on a long term relationship and know each other well; and if they had enough time to gather, now and then, information about their bodies or each other's body. By doing this, she can help him gain more confidence in what he does, if the results of his practices are improving. Coming back to the egg: It helps you to be aware of how your vagina feels like. Of how is the tissue inside. If the fluids are enough to maintain the vagina in a good health. Or which muscles are in good shape and which need training. You also gain self-confidence in what you can do in your sexual life. It's nice to know that you can help yourself and your partner to feel the pleasure in a different and useful way. Training the vagina using the jade egg is a helpful way of preparing for the dual practice. Your trained muscles help you develop awareness of the energetic and physical correspondences between the vagina and the penis. The big problem is... to make it a habit. To use the jade egg as something natural, that is so normal to you. (That's my problem... but I'll figure it out somehow).
  9. new girl

    Thank you !
  10. Chia egg work

    immortal_sister and cat, It's interesting what you've said. I believe the jade egg is "vagina-friendly". And the practice is very useful. I had a small jade egg. Yes, it's hard practicing with it at the beginning. Especially if the vagina muscles are not that exercised, and lazy. But the feeling when using the egg is pleasant. For me it was a bit frustrating, too, that's why I made it forgotten. It's not easy to accept the fact that you're body needs exercise in all the areas, especially in those being the more intimate. I used to pay attention to the egg while having it inside me. I watched the way it felt, what sensations it gave me. I even smelled it after pulling it out. It's a fact, people smell is one of the most trained of my senses. Please tell me if it happened to you also: If I smell the fingertips of a person - either me, my husband, my kid etc. - I can say something about ... their sexual secretions. Why ? Because for years I've seen, on me, that there is a connection between the finger tips and the vagina or penis and mouth. When I introduce something into my vagina - let's say an intimate care liquid - I feel, in my mouth, the taste of that liquid (especially if it has chemicals). And if I want to test the way my vaginal fluids are on the moment, I just smell my fingertips and gather the information I need. That way I can say if the secretions are normal, clean, or something wrong is happening there. Added on edit: If I pay attention to what I sense in the mouth, I can recognize the "ID card" of the vaginal fluids, which is mainly energetic and then physical.
  11. new girl

    Hello ! I've watched some discussions here for a while now. So I've decided to finally join you, after discovering on the group something very interesting for me: women practices (daoist practices). I'm a lucky and happy wife and mother (one kid). My husband is a practitioner - and he helps me and inspires me in life in general and in this special part of life - the spiritual path. I'm willing to share and learn things here on TTB. My name means: "kitten" - short for "adult by age, but non-adult by the way I look" "growingup" - short for "young, not mature enough but working on it" kitten