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  1. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    Tahnk you guys so much for all your advice, I have jsut started and am lookinf forward to the whole journey. Have done a litle Tai CHi in the past as well as weapons and Kung Fu, but would really love to develop this for purely healing purposes. Ps I am in the West of Ireland.. Take care & peace to you all Tom
  2. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    Hey Nei Chuan, Like your style, and good advice. Peace Tom
  3. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    Thanks Mal for moving it:-)
  4. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    Hi SY, Thanks for taking the time to reply, lots of info, will keep you updated. Also love the Musashi quote. Regards, Tom
  5. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    As i said, I am new to this but maybe you didnt read my post, I can heal people, I have healed many people, its very strong but i want to develop it and understand it better really. Thank you for the suggestions though, I will get the book. regards, Tom
  6. Mo Pai Techniques for Healing

    Thanks very much. Now I just need to figure out how to do that!!! Will attempt it, I really am more a hands on person, so these forums are really new to me. Regards, Tom
  7. Hi Guys, Im very new to this but registered because of my interest in healing. Without knowing how, I can heal people through my hands. I have always been able to do this. I recently seen video of John Chang and read a little bit about Mo Pai. I would really like to develop the gift that has been given to me. I am a Healer. I want to heal. Maybe someone can advise me the meditations for Mo Pai. I dont want to find John Chang or anything. I just want to learn how to heal more, and develop what I have through Mo Pai. Thank you. Red Tom