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  1. Challenges for a Newbie

    Thanks All for your resposes, Its a journey to Control the senses and focus inward... Regards
  2. Challenges for a Newbie

    Thanks for your responses... The senses or sensual attractions I mean are NOT just Girls etc.. As you know there are 5 sense organs we all have through wich we percieve the world... Most often than not we are atached to these senses ( and hence sensual attraction).. Whether it is Tasty Food (Organ of taste), Soft clothes & bed (Organ of touch - Skin pleasure), Desire to see beautiful things (Like NYC, movies and yes beautiful bodies etc), Desire for nice smells, and finaly ofcourse Sexual organs... So these 5 senses are what I think I need get over as I proceed on the journey. I am not sure how it is related to my age (thought I am above 20)... But I am still attracted to fulfil these desires and I think it continues til we die and the spiritual practice is the way to get free from this web of senses. My Question was form fellow brothers and sisters.. How do you control these desires... ? Yes one answer is to ignore these with strng will and keep doing the practice.. What elese you do to control the desires and NOT become slave of the senses or the desires. Thanks
  3. Challenges for a Newbie

    I think and experience this a lot of times... Whenever I start on the spiritual path or resume your journey, that the Sensual atractions are very very strong... They tend to distract me and pull me back in the web... It is a very strong force and sometimes very difficult to resist. Then sometimes the mind plays tricks and justifies that "maybe this is just a reward from God"... I know (atleast I think) the answer is - "To keep doing the practice/prayers/meditation etc and ignore the senses.. But the Questions is - Do you feel the same way and if YES then what do you do to stay on path and win over those senses?
  4. Thoughts on 2012?

    One thing I can say for sure is that in Year 2012 MORE PEOPLE WILL DIE than people died in World war 1 & 2 combined... In fact if you add the deaths in all subsequent wars also, more people will die in 2012.. Its sad and as per my calculations I think somewhere around 54 Million (more or less) People May die in 2012. May God give peace to all souls and people wo are left behind. What do you think?
  5. New Member - Learn and Share

    Thanks .. And you have Prooved.. Australians are one of the Most Friendly People...!!! This is a huge ocean and the deeper we go the more we want to learn
  6. The Serpent - Satan?

    One Should know How to awake the Kundalini and then - "Very Important" - How to Control It. It has enormous power and if not controlled under guidance of a realized being , it can cause havoc... like Atomic power.. If you can control, you get free energy, if you cant control you get atomic bomb... Be careful with energy...
  7. To ejaculate or not to ejaculate...

    Effilang - You write very well... Glad to see such a detailed and honest reply. I feel the same way. One shoudl preserve the Jing and not release it just because the tank is full. The next step is to make it denser (heat it) and for that we need to meditate and preserve. Infact when I see someone and get any thoughts of arousal, I think of How Temporary the whole pleasure is after all. As happens most of the time, we are just lusting and once we get the temporary fix, the interest in it vanishes. Thus why run after or spend my energy fo rsuch a thing. This helps me come back to my senses and the thoughts of arousal go away. I am sating to meditate a little .. abt 15 min a day.. I know its nothing, but I needed to start somewhere... Can you giude me on how to heat the water?
  8. New Member - Learn and Share

    This is a great place to learn , share ad discuss spiritual thoughts with you all. I want to learn more about Taoism. Thanks Student_Forever
  9. Hello All... I am here to learn and share Spiritual thoughts & experiences with you all... Great place