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  1. Tenaga Dalam

    tantric points? how is that ... oh is it related to the video i wathced on youtube were this mystic like sword move on its own
  2. Tenaga Dalam

    i heard that in silat they do ilmu khudam. is it a form shamanism?
  3. Tenaga Dalam

    im a kalimasada practioner too. Yes and sometimes they dont even teach this offense skill. but on our part we focus on defense and healing.
  4. Hi Tao Bums

    Hi Good People of tao bums My brother refered me to this site and been browsing the forum for 2 weeks already and this is the only time i figure out on how to activate my account on posting.. by introducing myself im from philippines and im practicing kalimasada, an indonesian art that cultivates one's inner energy.. so far, this art helped me on self healing, healing other, discipline , improved my intuition, manifestation and a little of selfdefense. well, im here to learn from the other arts and discussions on the way Salam tankbeta