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  1. is all contemplative and stuff.

  2. Robert Bruce - Call To Action!

    We are ALL already family. There's no need to build anything, other than an awareness of that fact.
  3. The Lady of the 9th Heaven

    I came across this woman in my research but haven't been able to find any additional information beyond what is parroted around the internet. I am trying to master the energy and nature of the 9th Heaven and I feel drawn to her. She was the teacher of the Yellow Emperor. Does anyone know any more information about her, or any specific rites or rituals I could use to contact her?
  4. Tao 101 - If you could recommend only ONE book ...

    "Chronicles of Tao", as well as the classics.
  5. Yet another new member

    Thanks for the nice welcome Mal. I like your pic
  6. Modern Magick

    That one is a classic. I read it back in college and enjoyed it tremendously. Its one of the only books on ceremonial magic that I ever found valuable; it distills the best of Golden Dawn-type trads, and along with Donald Tyson's books you've got a really well rounded education in CM. It covers a wide range of topics with plenty of exercises, anecdotes, and examples. Nice to see they are reprinting it
  7. Yet another new member

    What's up?