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  1. Supreme Science Qigong

    Hello all, I was curious as to any and all's opinions on Jeff Primack's Supreme Science Qigong. Any good experiences, bad, impressions and such would be welcome. I am especially interested in anyone's experience with the 9 breath method since he touts it as the most powerful technique they have. Thanks.
  2. Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

    Diana Richardson's The Heart of Tantric Sex: A Unique Guide to Love and Sexual Fulfillment is an excellent resource on this topic. I second your recommendation of her.
  3. Gary Clyman? Has anyone ever given his chi kung or nei kung a go? His site is the textbook hard sell and the prices are outrageous, but if they're as good as he claims, then maybe they're worth the drop. He doesn't go into much of what they entail and I was hoping someone around here felt like a monetary binge and gave them a try. I wouldn't of even given him a second look (or third or fourth) except for the fact that he was a long time student of Master Waysun Liao, and is a loudmouth....which always get attention one way or the other. He asserts that he took the best of the internal work from temple tai chi and created these forms so they could be taught independent of the tai chi curriculum. betwix
  4. instant dantian

    Damn! Very nice descriptive account! What practice is this this a tumo practice (I am not familiar with the yin yang aspect of it)? Yea, I don't believe you could abridge that and accurately portray what happened. I wish some others would chime in as this is a bit above my pay grade (pop. culture reference thank you very much). Before I give you my one cent, I recommend changing your thread's name as it seems some of the heavy hitters won't even take a look if they get the wrong impression from that; at least that's what I have noticed. From what I understand, and your description of it fits, the red (female) and white (male) drops are part and parcel of Vajrayana's tumo. After the tumo heat is developed to a certain degree, the red drops from the navel and the white from the crown move into the central channel and eventually converge at the heart chakra. I believe this is called the generation stage and is part of the attempt to create an 'illusory' body. Your experience of the winds coming in from numerous gateways, instead of the one (I assume the perineum or equivalent?) indicates to me that your central channel unfolded completely, at least for a time. I gather that you had a tumo 'arousal' and a 'glimpse' of the fruition of this path. I have heard that tummo is Kundalini and also the reverse, that it is something distinct and separate although there are similar cautions and benefits with the 'awakening' it. Now this following bit of my take comes from a memory to which I forgot the source and is addressing the 'instant dantien fill' you experience. I have heard or read (not experienced) that the tumo fire can be 'given' and isn't necessarily inherent to the body as the Kundalini is. Maybe, the stabbing sensation you felt was indicative of something akin to that? I am sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I do believe you have had something significant happen and it wasn't part of the 'fleeting scenery' that most people get attached to. At least your back on go and melt some ice . Two books that go into detail about tummo are: The Bliss of Inner Fire: Heart Practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa by Lama Yeshe Clear Light Of Bliss by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
  5. How important is a closing?

    Since pretty much everything that is worth saying on this issue has been said, I will just add my practices since they are extremely simple and still fulfills the requirements for grounding and gathering. As I am always on the lookout for the easiest and most effective routes (so yea, the lazy man's way ), I have found that performing some ending sets of 'body breathing', where you gather energy from every direction, as though your body was a giant sponge, retain for 9 seconds, and then exhale it all back out in the same manner, does me right. And if I am feeling uber-I want to hang upside down in a tree and sleep all day- I just bring my awareness to my lower tantien and work the breathing/retaining thing a number of times. Hell, sometimes I have even just rolled around on the bare ground. Other than those, I only practice more 'involved' closing sets if I sense that something is awry or I have an excess of energy. I don't necessarily believe in the adage 'better safe than sorry' in this case, because that sort of thinking sometimes leads one into a 'superstitious' or obsessive mindsets and tends to tighten the mind; and this only begets more of the issues that closings were designed to offset in the first place. Ritual might have power but it can also easily create stagnancy, rigidity and superfluousness; better to have strong intent and keep loose. Keep it interesting (not in the Chinese curse way ).
  6. instant dantian

    Howdy... I'll bite...I'm interested to hear the rundown of your meditative process. And do you think, in hindsight, that your illness might of been a precursor to this particular experience? Or even a catalyst? Also, I don't see why an instant 'fill' wouldn't be possible as there is a bit more to it than just mechanically storing 'essence' (which you may know), but there are people much more qualified on this board that have better insight into these particular practices than I. At least my reply will keep the post in rotation....
  7. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    If that's the case, then I'm 0 for 2...shikes ! Damn, you got to it before I edited it . But your response applied to either regardless. My own practice of anulom vilom, the only traditional pranayama I practice, is due in large part to Gopi and his horrific description of being burned from the inside...just hedging my bets . Did Dr. Damasio disclose any possible cause and/or any possible remedy for "anosognosia,"? Matrix anyone?--yes, damnit, I loved that movie. I have never run across that condition and from how you describe it, would seem to be one of these ailments that is akin to certain meditative states that completely suspend one in such an ecstatic head-space that certain necessary aspects of one's being are relegated to non-essential. A gentleman named Grant McFetridge, who founded the ISPS, has categorized a slew of peak states, the traits inherent, the causes for them, and if they can be considered dysfunctional. What is curious is that a number of states that sound quite similar to many descriptions of samdhic and jhanic experiences he found to be particular dysfunctional states in which certain areas ('brains' he adheres to Dr. Paul MacLean's multi-brain theory in which 'our brain is divided into parts that each operate independently in an average person') in the energetic structures of the body-mind are not communicating correctly or worse, are shut down. And in a number of these states where one 'brain' is 'turned off' (he claims many meditative practices actually result in this), the individual doesn't realize he is a dysfunctional state as it is so 'enjoyable' or has the 'critical' aspect of cognition severely compromised; and they can spend years in such states before, for reasons I don't understand, the 'brain' can kick back 'on' dropping them out of said states. I know this isn't quite the same as what you were indicating, but it seemed to follow a similar route, so I took it by god.
  8. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    I would really like to have some clarity on that too. Thanks for bringing it up.
  9. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    Hi, Can't the Kriyas or any 'spontaneous' form that arises be a somatic unwinding of deeply held energetic patterns? I thought that the fact that they occur is a sign of an imbalance of some sort, but also of the body's attempt to reassert homeostasis...which is a good thing.
  10. Inked...

    Can't a tattoo act as a talisman? And what about all those monks that get their scriptures and sutras inked over their entire body...I don't think that is necessarily a function of ego, at least not the way it is being discussed in this thread.
  11. Questions and Answers about Kundalini II

    You could power a small city with that! . In the day, I couldn't even get into my school's gifted program much less Mensa. They need to have a green eyed emote option. Gopi claimed he alleviated part of his initial suffering by focusing on clearing/enhancing the 'cool' flow through the ida: "Could it be that I had aroused kundalini through pingala, the solar nerve which regulates the flow of heat in the body and is located on the right side of sushumna? If so, I was doomed,...the idea flashed acrooss my rouse ida, the lunar nerve on the left side, to activity, thus neutralizing the dreadful burning effect of the devvouring fire within....I brought my attention to bear on the left side of the seat of kundalini and tried to force an imaginary cold current upward through the middle of the spinal cord...Completely taken by surprise at this sudden transformation of the fiery current darting across the entire nework of my nerves only a moment before,...tasting the bliss of relief...unable to believe I was really free of the horror." Once he did this, most all of the unbearable heat and much of the initial 'psychosis' was almost immediately mitigated. It seems much of his incipient troubles were somewhat unnecessary if at least those two channels were balanced in the first place. And again, later in life he started meditating with vigor, and overdid it 'straining his already over stimulated nervous system to a dangerous degree'. After three months of torment, he had another 'flash' of insight to eat 'milk and easy-to-digest meat" every two hours, which relatively quickly helped him overcome this also. So it appears he overcame most of his 'disturbances' with pretty simple remedies, but for the fact that he had to flesh it out himself.
  12. The correct healthy Diet

    You have had some very effective advice given to you on your previous thread by posters that know their shit (thewhiterabbit, metaldog, astralanima, morepieguy-love that one, yamu, etc...), and I know enough to know that they know what they speak of; and yet you insist on saying, 'well, I'm just going to do this' or 'I'm just going to follow this 80 10 10 diet' which you mentioned in another thread or 'I'm going to seek the council of my physician' (which you then subsequently trashed). Well, then do it! These people are in good faith giving you very valuable information in response to your assumed sincere inquiry (which many, including myself, didn't do). Information that, no doubt, would take you quite a bit of time to flesh out on your own. If you already know so much about it, and are getting advice from your meditative guide, then follow it! Listen to Mr. Walter and just get on with it.
  13. A Taobum in The Woods

    He was taken. God, that makes me double smile!
  14. Fallen Angels