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  1. Ingesting Apple Cider Vinegar increases chi?

    I've been using it for a while now. It certainly does improve one's energy and aids with my digestive system. It aids with the cleansing of the liver and the detoxification of the body. Anything that helps your body will more than likely help your chi.
  2. She wants me to cum

    I do not have sex with my girlfriend, because she is not of age, and honestly I think vaginas are gross. Like, I fainted in health class, lol. However, we do dry humping and such, lol, laugh if you will. The problem is, the burst of hormonal imbalance causes problems for me, including eyesight problems and chin acne. So, I am a little hesitant about praticing this ejaculating the fluid while concerving the energy. Is this practicable while simply masturbating? I have increased my ability to delay the ejaculation.
  3. First day of school today! whoo!

  4. Choosing a Practice

    Hello, I am still relatively new to this wonderful forum. I had a thought today, and I wanted to put my question here, so that people who are still searching for their "Way" can gain some insight on what made YOU choose your path into the Way. Let me explain: There are so many different practices out there; Nei Kung, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Taoist Yoga, the martial arts, zazen, etc. Tell me, what did you go through to determine what was right for you? I'll go first. I am sure that I am one of the least accomplished in terms of knowledge of the tao and all the myriad concepts. Most of the forums here, I've got google up beside them and am typing in every other term I come across. I've experimented with meditation, qi gong, tai chi, and yoga. I learned about the chakras and kundalini and found that this suits me. Now, I am a Scorpio born in the Year of the Horse with a Vata constitution, so I've been given a triple whammy of restlessness. Before you say anything, I did not check my date of birth out and figure out what I was or take some "Which one are yoU?" tests online. I've studied all of these "new age" concepts and have found all of them to be very valid systems. Though if I had to choose one, the Chinese Zodiac seems the most vague, even with its monthly and secret animals, its too screwy for me. Going on, I find that I have the most trouble with stillness cultivation and meditative techniques, and I favor yoga and tai chi, walking meditation, and observing nature. I can go very deep inside of myself when I want to, but I have not developed as much endurance as I'd like with meditation. Please feel free to comment on my experience, and please please please post yours! Namaste
  5. Getting rid of stress

    So, I've discovered that I have the amazing ability to make myself think I have health problems, which are really all in my mind. Ex. I used to get stomachaches all the time, until one day I was like "no more stomachaches!" and they were gone! Now, I was tested for scholeosis (sp?) four/five years ago, and it was determined that I was fine, even though I do have a little curviture in my spine. Presently, I am experiencing some annoying back pain that I am fairly sure is just caused by stress and paranoia. My question is, how do I get this stress out of my body? I seem to put the stress somewhere (my stomach, now my back) instead of getting rid of it. Any advice? Also, I have a strange, bone-hard lump inside the back of my neck, right next to the spine just under the skull. It is akin to a much smaller lump on the left side. Is this a stress lump?
  6. But are you happy?

    Hmm,I think it was a boddhisatva,upon meditating for enlightenment, who said, "Now I can rejoice, that there is no joy in this world!" What do you think he meant by that?
  7. siddhasana

    Hey man, check out the electricenergy link I gave you. It provides a lot of information on learning how to sit in postures that are unusual for us westerners. Basically, take it slow. Practice becoming more flexible. Until you can comfortably sit in full lotus, don't strain yourself. There's nothing wrong with the other positions. Full lotus is a big help with keeping upright, so i'd definitely go for it!
  8. Immortals vs. Bodhisattvas (or arahats)?

    Ah ok! That sounds very nice! While we are at it, how was my interpretation of Taoism?
  9. siddhasana

    That would depend upon what sort of "effects" you are a looking for. This is a good site concerning yogic poses and practices like siddhasana. As for the third eye, here is how you open it. Start by learning how to open your chakras. You must start with the root chakra. Nothing can be achieved until your root chakra is in balance. Take your time. Do not be in a hurry to reach any goal. Sit in siddhasana, do the mudras, and learn about yourself. You are a great mystery in yourself. Boundless and limitless, you will surprise yourself at every turn. These are not empty flowery words. I promise, there are powers within you that you have never dreamed of. I hope these links will help you. Remember, the worst thing you can do is try to rush your practices. In the end, it really won't matter whether it took four months, four years or forty years. Namaste
  10. Immortals vs. Bodhisattvas (or arahats)?

    Well, many people consider "Fight Club" to be a movie steeped in Taoist principles. The Narrator takes classes on Buddhist meditation and "escaping" from this plane of existence. In the movie, Tyler spills an acidic chemical on the Narrator's hand. In response, the Narrator attempts to retreat into his "spirit cave" and find his "power animal." Tyler is very distraught by this and tells him, "Don't deal with this like those dead people do! THIS is your burning hand. THIS is your reality." Buddhism seems to be about escaping the world around us, which is full of suffering and death. Taoism is about embracing the natural world, breaking all the fetters of reality, and becoming one with the world around us.
  11. Body Fat and Qi

    Well, I have been skinny my whole life. I am 5'11" and a year ago I weighed 152lbs. After a year of training and giving up dairy products, I weigh 136lbs. I lost most of it in my legs. My thighs are nothing but muscle. I do yoga, tai chi, and other qi cultivating exercises.
  12. Oo.

    I have not.

    What's that all about?

  13. I'm doin good man how about you?

  14. The Tao on Wisdom

    Hmm, I've been looking at the forums here for a while now. I've checked a lot of the "How do I start?" posts, and most people say that Taoism is the pursuit of wisdom. Maybe not most, but a lot. Here's some verses from the Tao de Ching that made me think: When the Way is forgotten Duty and justice appear; Then knowledge and wisdom appear Along with hypocrisy and If we could abolish knowledge and wisdom Then people would profit a hundred fold; These verses, number 18 and 19, are longer, but these are the parts that caught my attention.
  15. The Pursuit of Power

    Ha, I saw your quote down below, and knew I'd made the right choice. I very much like the way you think.
  16. Third Eye

    Ha! I see your point! Let me help... I refuse to tell anyone how to do anything. I used to listen to peoples' instructions, and I never got anywhere. I said screw it and stopped going on forums. I spent a lot of time with myself, and I learned more that way than I think I ever would have trolling forums. To elaborate, get the information you need, but I consider it a mistake to ask someone to tell you how to make your own energies perform the way you want. You know the answer. You've ALWAYS known it.
  17. The Pursuit of Power

    Hey man! I'm the guy who you didn't want to offend on the other forum! i think that if someone posts a topic like, "How do I open my third eye," then we should show concern for that person's well-being. If he does not understand some part of it, then he will only cause damage to himself. I like using the (probably over-used) Anakin Skywalker metaphor, where a person just wants to have the cool "powers" without any of the real work. These "powers" should not be passed around without discretion. Are you the kind of person that would let someone copy your homework? If you are, then you are very irresponsible for that person. You are crippling them for the rest of their lives. The original masters did not have a how-to book or step-by-step instructions. They had to figure it out for themselves.
  18. Spiritual value of Tao for you.

    Man, the Tao is about getting back to nature; letting everything unimportant slide, letting the material become material, being at one with one's self. We put so many ideas into our minds, so many locks and barriers inside ourselves and in our world. The Tao is the key to opening those locks, and the ram to breaking down those barriers. It doesn't matter what you do. You don't have to do anything you don't want to. Also, don't let yourself live in any way that is a hindrance to you or that affects you negatively. There is no selfishness. If someone wants you to do something, and it is harmful to you, no amount of pain that your decision causes that person is worth harming yourself. That pain is in that person's mind. It is not of you and is not caused by you. Those who wish you to act in such a way that is harmful to yourself are not in harmony, and thus are not one with the Tao. Loyalty and duty are not of the Tao. Loyalty, justice, expectaions arise when there is no harmony. These ideas are falsities. Look deep within yourself. You will find the truth. It may take years, but what is that? You will also find how hilarious the idea of time really is. I hope this helps you, and I hope you find the answers you seek. Namaste
  19. Third Eye

    As I have seen happen on many a spiritual forum, someone asks a technical question about a technical aspect of practice or a specific method, and it is met with philosophical discussion and questions. If you know a method, but don't want to share, then don't say anything. If you don't know a method, and don't think it should be pursued, then don't say anything. If you want to start a discussion about the pursuit of enlightenment/powers/sex/money/compassion/popularity/whatever, then start a different thread. I don't mean to respond to/pick on you specifically, but the type of sentiment you raised has happened thousands of times in the past, and probably much more before that, and it honestly contributes absolutely nothing to the discussion. It's like a teen asking how to have safe sex, and then a bunch of people start throwing out their personal opinions towards sex, and pretty much talking about every single point EXCEPT the important one. IMHO, a technical thread should stick to technical aspects of the techniques being taught. Any other debate should, I think, be done in a different thread. And on that note, I sent this link to Ralis via PM, partly because I've tried to cut down how much time I spent on forums, and partly because I wanted to steer clear of threads which I know aren't going to produce much but..... this is something I came across a while ago, dunno if it was on this forum, whether I got it from someone, or what: (it's available for download by the creators of the book, at least that's my understanding, so no need to fear copyright infringement!) The method seems to start out focusing on breathing, and trying to get a very tactile awareness of that breath, being able to feel it physically in the body, then being able to have that same feeling with energy/awareness, then centering that feeling/energy/awareness in the area of the third eye. I did answer his question. Chakras coexist. If one is closed, the others cannot be opened.
  20. Third Eye

    Have you opened all your other chakras? I think if you had, then you wouldn't have to ask us this question. Why do you want to open it?
  21. Western "success"....vs...Taoism

    The first chakra is establishing yourself-having all the basic needs. The second chakra is creativity and productivity-you need the basics in order to do this. The third chakra is being fulfilled-being able to live comfortable, as you want. This is not to be confused with the "American dream" or any other ideas of excessive luxury. You simply seem to be a man living at the first chakra, who is looking to advance to the third chakra level. I'm not saying you don't have comfort and that you aren't prosperous, but hopefully this metaphorical explanation of the chakra levels will give you comfort in knowing that it is natural to not want to stay in what I am supposing you consider a "stagnant" phase in your life.
  22. 365 Tao

    Thank you so much for posting these words of wisdom. I am collecting a book of sayings for myself to reflect upon. I will keep these words of wisdom in there as well. Namaste
  23. Hello There! What does your name mean, may I ask?

  24. Ayurveda

    Hey guys, I don't know if this has been covered already, but I felt like I'd share a little of what I'm interested in and hopefully get to know something about ya. This is a link to an Ayurvedic website that sells Ayurvedic medicine. My dad sells it in his store, and it has always fascinated me. Anyways, here's the link. Sure, the test and result all tie in to flaggin their merchandise, but you can ignore that and simply appreciate the wealth of knowledge at hand! Namaste