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  1. I advice everyone to read the book called Zhuan Falun, the most printed cultivation book(100s of million copies) in recent times. Of course it is the main scripture in Falun Dafa Qi Gong. Here is the web link: /Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good, Falun Dafa is good
  2. The central point

    To assimilate myself to the cosmic characteristics of Zhen-Shan-Ren(Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance) and to help other people achieve this mental state. If I can do that I will stay alive as long as this Universe stays alive.
  3. Sorry, this thread ended up in the wrong forum. I move it to the book discussion, sorry again for the inconvenience.. /Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good, Falun Dafa is good
  4. Falun Dafa is about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in daily life. As for doomsday Falun Dafa practitioners say that if you just know that Falun Dafa exists and that it is good, you will get lucky. We ask for nothing from anyone, there is no money involved and there is no membership. If you ask me Falun Dafa is the pure land of this world, the positive force in this world balancing the dark side of society. Just my two cents.
  5. There is no "membership" in Falun Dafa. There are genuine Falun Dafa cultivators and it is only Master Li who can judge who is a genuine cultivator and not. Just because I say I am a genuine Dafa cultivator that does not mean I really am one. In fact I would guess that a genuine Dafa cultivator already reached minimum Gong level 6 or 7(seventh heaven of the religion, equivalent to the high level of in triple world cultivation) and can enter into real Ding during double Lotus meditation. That is what my gut instinct tells me and no truth whatsoever. For some people that standard may be very hard to reach in one lifetime. If someone has massive karma and hence a poor inborn quality one must be particularly strong to be able to pull through to that level I believe. All people absolutely will not go to the same afterlife, you know there is a reincarnation cycle and an immortal status for the very best cultivators. Where people end up depend on their actions in life, how much karma they have and how many attachments they have. If they want to improve or not, if they have faith or not etc. As mentioned before homosexuality violates the Yin-Yang principle of the universe so as a genuine FD cultivator you would not want to go in that direction since you would accumulate karma. About Li Hongzhi, as a genuine cultivator you will know in your heart who he is. And I really do believe, at this stage, that the most important thing is that people know that FD exists and that it is a good thing. That will make a huge difference to them in the near future. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever.
  6. Over to something else and very uplifting. Nostradamus calls the Lord of Lords different names in his quatrains: "Chiren Selin" and "Libra" are two names frequently used. As for ChiRen SeLiN I believe it means: Chi(Qi)Ren(Tolerance, Endurance, Patience in Chinese) Se("Watch" in Swedish)Li(obvious)N(means One or The One in Swedish). FD has Zhen-Shan-Ren as its highest principle and of course FD is Qi Gong at the highest level. "Qi-Ren Watch Li The One" - this should be the essence of Nostradamus words. So Nostradamus points out in Chinese(FD was spread from China) and Swedish(Falun is in Sweden) who is the Lord of Lords in his quatrains. Pretty intricate and amazing stuff in retrospective. The second name used by Nostradamus is Libra and it means "Balance" in Latin and in Swedish "Li-Good". As for Scandinavian mythology there are several names for the Lord of Lords: Heimdal, Heimdali, Heimdallr, Heimdall etc. All these names are themes on Home-Valley(s) and Home-Valley-Li. The Valleys in Sweden is a region and its capital is the city of Falun.... Incredible. So one of the names used, Heimdali, gives the whole answer about the Lord of Lords: Falun-Li. Then there are other names such as Gullintanne and Hallinskide used in Scandinavian mythology. Hallinskide becomes Hall-Li-N-Ski-De. Hall of Li(like the heaven of "Valhall") meaning "Li┬┤s Heaven". Hall-Li-N(the One)-Ski(Qi-energy)-De(virtue in Chinese) becomes "Li the One┬┤s Heaven - Qi(energy) and Virtue" - an incredibly refined and simple etymology at the same time. Gullintanne becomes Gul(yellow in Swedish, Li is Chinese and always dressed in a yellow practice suit)-Li-N(the one)-Tan(Tao reference?)-Ne(Born in Latin/French?). Incredibly obvious again no matter what the two last parts(Tan-Ne) mean.. Note that the old highest God in Scandinavia was called "Wotan" - an obvious reference to China and Daoism. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever.
  7. Falun Dafa has strict rules for their disciples that are in line with the highest principles of the universe. Our Master, Li Hongzhi, has defined which actions create (black)karma in other dimensions and those actions we avoid in order to be able to reach a higher cultivation level. If we accumulate black karma in other dimensions how could we ascend and become purer and purer? Black karma can only be eliminated by suffering and if we suffer too much we can not cultivate. As for homosexuality it is said it violates the principle of Yin-Yang in other dimensions. Whatever other people do is fine to us. In fact we try to be tolerant and kind to all kinds of people in all situations, how else could we be compassionate and unattached to worldly matters? So if some actions(ie homosexuality) is popular in today┬┤s society, in modern religions, sects or in other organizations that is fine with us. We just don┬┤t do those actions ourselves because we want to cultivate towards high levels. Falun Dafa belongs to the Buddha school but who dictates the rules of the Buddha school? Is it everyday people or is it the laws of the universe? Can a school become a righteous Buddha law school just because some person states that his school belongs to the Buddha school and he agrees with modern society┬┤s laws and regulations? Must not a Buddha Law school assimilate itself to the laws of the universe to be able to call itself a Buddha Law School? Buddhism states that everyday society is an illusion, I agree with that statement. Just my two cents at my wisdom level, no truth offered whatsoever. /Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good
  8. You insist on labelling me as disliking interracial marriage and mixed race people. You also label me as a racist no matter what I write. Is it not my Master who knows what I like or dislike in my heart? And if I like or dislike something in my heart, is it not an attachment that must be eradicated anyway in my cultivation? I can tell you that I know a Dafa cultivator who is half white, half black and he is married to someone who is something like latin/middle east.... He is also very well educated like many other Dafa practitioners and his IQ is not low either. Do you think he would practice Dafa if it was not righteous?... You are welcome anyway and as a Falun Dafa cultivator I am asked to happily accept everyday society and all kinds of people. I must thank you for your perseverance on this matter, I may test my "Ren" here and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. What Falun Dafa is talking about is the principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren, and you are asked to turn to "Shan" - goodness in daily life. This principle is said to be the highest law of the universe and if a person assimilates to that principle he will attain the "Dao". Falun Dafa is the fastest growing spiritual movement ever during this civilization. Also it would not have been persecuted if it was unrighteous. If something genuinely positive like FD is created the universe will automatically create something bad to oppose it. This is the automatic principle of Yin-Yang(electron-proton in physics) that all Dafa cultivators must live with. We can see it very clearly here, can┬┤t we? Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever.
  9. You are repeating the same message again and refuse to read or accept what I wrote in my later replies. That is of course up to you but my attention is fading quickly. "Warped behaviour" and "being born of mixed race" are not the same things at all. "Behaviour" is a verb and a "mixed race person" is an adjective. I put my sentence in a bad way originally because I was in a hurry and I excused myself for that already and I clarified several times. I drop this now and if you can not drop it that is fine by me too. Anyway, if society becomes a mixed race society, how can two single human beings be blamed for that state of society? They can not be blamed at all since they just follow the trend of modern society and marry people of other races. Hence this is not a warped behaviour in modern society anymore. And a cultivator is asked to happily accept everything in society no matter how society looks at that moment in time. Society is just an illusion anyway. Many people believe that mankind "rules" society and everyday people decide which behaviour is good and bad by laws etc. The future will tell us who really decides. I will not reply to repetitive statements anymore, I have explained and clarified this principle well enough and I have not intended to insult anyone. Thanks again for your time and energy. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever.
  10. Maybe you know that a "warped behaviour" is an action - a verb. Being of mixed race can not be an action since you are born that way. "Warped behaviours" are typically lieing, stealing, cheating, promiscuity, homosexuality, using drugs etc. Those are all actions - actions are called verbs in the English language I believe. If someone dates a person from another race that is an action but I never said that dating a person from another race was a warped action. In FD there are many people with mixed marriages. In any case, I try to cultivate and you help me alot, thanks for all your support. I am no racist and never will be - of course you have a free will and you may imagine or believe that I am a racist, that is up to you. The central word "Ren" in Falun Dafa includes tolerance. As mentioned before(to those wishing to read or listen), anyone from any gender or race, mixed or not, can cultivate to consummation in Falun Dafa. Everyone has the same possibilities. So the factual discussion needs no further explanation. Besides all orthodox cultivation forms demand that you eliminate all your worldly attachments(racism included) if you want to consummate. This dimension is an illusion acording to Buddhism and Falun Dafa does not oppose that view. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever. /Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good
  11. Please read my earlier replies before posting repetitive statements(I copy-paste from page 13 below): You interpret my words in a wrong way, let us clarify and quote the exact sentence: "Master Li has explained that the original plan of this earth was not to mix races - but it has happened and Falun Dafa practitioners accept it just like we accept all other warped behaviours in modern society." I did not say above that a mixed race person is "warped" in any way. Warped behaviours are something very different than the fact that we have mixed race people on earth today. The choice of words of mine were not very good above, excuse me for that. I believe those who wish to understand me will understand me. Warped behaviours that an FD cultivator tries to avoid in order to be able to reach high Gong levels are typically the ones religion tells us to avoid like using drugs, stealing, telling lies, murder, promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality etc etc. Basically just being a good person in the traditional sense. But of course we respect all other people irrespective of what they choose to do in their lives. Everyone has a free will and we respect it and tolerate all people. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever.
  12. I never said there was "segregation" of any sort. There are countless numbers of dimensions and paradises and an unimaginable number of sentient beings. If the Lord has put certain beings(ie certain birds) in certain paradises, he has his good reasons for that and I trust in him. The important thing to me is that we by cultivation of Falun Dafa can return to our proper place in this cosmic body and consummate ourselves and become perfectly happy again. I rest my case here. Just my two cents, no truth offered whatsoever