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  1. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    God sends a message of peace and balance to the whole network of the tao. Just like when you focus on your dantian it also sends a message of balance to your whole nervous system. The dantian beams the original message of what your suppose to be. The dantian gets its message from the dao the dao gets is message from god. theres a lesson in alchemy and this also why alchemy only takes you so far you must continue to follow the same principles. We are just microcosmic's of the tao thus alchemy and why it starts with meditation. - understand Once a taoist tunes into the message of balance from the tao he can beam the message from his dantian (which is the gateway of the tao) radiate this message into the world. As he does this his te will expand until the master becomes the message. thus becoming the vessel for the supreme ultimate god's hammer on earth.
  2. Buddhism transcends the Tao

    The tao is the network god uses to manifest his will. The center of the tao is god. There are different class of beings that goes from angel to ghost. Just like on earth there are humans all the way to insects. The human being is the highest class of being on earth in the physical plane. The tao te ching is all about ascension. Staying connected o the tao in life and in death ascends you. Alchemy only gets you so far. A true taoist restores his connection with god and follows his virtue from hence it came to the highest realm of the tao with the purest and strongest energy. On your way back to the tao you will pass gods and other deities. You can get spiritual gifts have all your chakras open and so on. But that really wont put you on the path. What lao tzu did was amazing if you understand it. He left a manual that not only guided thru your alchemy but guided you back o the highest level of the tao. When your meditating and you feel connected to everything following the tao te ching guides you thru all the dimensions back to the source of the tao. So a taoist master is one who has mastered the path to god. One who can guide you back to the supreme ultimate the tao is just the method of doing so. A real taoist master can heal karma and forgive sins and so on. The taoist master's te radiates from his body- the message of his energy puts everything back to what it should be. When you meditate on your dantian this happens to you everything will start to balance in you. It was for these reasons that taoism was given to man by heavenly decree. Taoism is not about tricks and having internal power. Taoism is about striving for heaven with the uptmost sincerity. Its sincerity of the heart that blazes the path. Just look at a real taichi master when he does his form he does it with the uptmost sincerity.
  3. well you could mix kunlun with other stuff or you could make it better. What i discovered is that if you roll the ball while doing kunlun lv1 you reach a higher activation more quickly. But only do this for a few minutes. try it out you will see what im talking about.
  4. Michael Lomax

    I actually spoke to micheal a few months back on the phone and he gave me some good advice. At this time i was going thru something pretty heavy. Micheal and i had a long conversation. Micheal is a good teacher and has alot more insight than some other teachers that i have spoken too.
  5. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    perhaps. ill tell you this that you can bring the concentrated energy from the 3rd eye down to the lower dantian.
  6. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    you return all senses to the lower dantian. i was trying to make a point there is more to seeing than opening the 3rd eye. I could go deeper and deeper into what bringing all of your senses to their origin does but id rather not.
  7. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    v annoying isnt it.
  8. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    you must merge all 3 sights into one. 1. earth- gut feeling 2. heart- feeling for society 3. heaven- 3rd eye abilites
  9. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    whats a 3rd eye with out a gut feeling or a heart to feel? What im saying is that you bring your 3rd eye down to your lower dan tian. Theres more to seeing then seeing auras and so on.
  10. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    you work your way up then you work your way back down to the lower dantian. All senses come from the lower dantian activating the 3rd eye awakens particular senses that you bring back down to your lower dantian at the point it really beocmes the lower brain. dont worry man you might get there 1 day.
  11. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    horus hmmmm... all seeing eye. and other occult symbols but yet lets keep this whole "taoist" discussion going. all these occultist and so on are all obsessed about the the 3rd eye but they dont know about the deception of the third eye. even the 3rd has its limits.
  12. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    Now im not the smartest man in the world but i would guess that your in some way apart of Max's group. So what does this symbol mean in christian symbolism?
  13. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    One of the reasons i think that max and his group might be part of a nwo serpent cults because the symbol on the cover of his book is also the symbol of order of the dragon Im not saying max and his group are a part of this but its just something i noticed.
  14. The Max Christensen Facts Not Fiction Thread.

    I keep seeing this over and over again. So many practitioners are concerned with power and abilities (and i use to be the same way). Until a tao master opened my eyes. The truth is that to keep your heart really into our daily practice you need something to strive for. Strive for higher attainment of the tao. Once you become a vessel of the tao you will have the protection and power of the tao. Dont sacrifice the tao for the gifts of the tao. Neiking just prepares your body to be a vessel of the tao. It brings you to the door. When you feel connected to everything that ever was and will be your closer to being at the foot step of the tao. but learning how to cross over and learning how to master traveling thru the tao and channeling higher levels of tao energy into your body can only be taught to you by a tao master. Taoist alchemy just is just half of it. Learning to master the tao is the other part of it. A tao master has more power than a neikung master because a tao master can use the tao itself to protect him this and for many other reasons attaining and mastering the dao is the next step. If Max continues to teach I would urge him to teach more than bliss because even if you master the kunlun system taught by max it wont make you a taoist master. Unless im wrong and he teaches how to extend your aura past your body and attune it to the pulse of the tao it self then beam into the tao and then circulate the tao energy in and thru your body. Heres a good question how does kunlun help you into the ascension of the tao? and how does that alchemy relate to the tao te ching?