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  1. Is it possible to truly get into meditation?

    I wouldn't have survived in the industrial fast paced coffee driven culture without meditation. Thom Hartmann claims that there are two types of meditation. One is to empty the mind, and the other is to concentrate with the mind. I do the latter. My mind is like a hurricane with too many ideas (instead of debris) whirling around me. I do a Yoga meditation I found in a book when I was 16. I count each breath (one inhalation and one exhalation counts as one breath)from one to ten, then start over. The tricky part is that you have to start over at ONE whenever your mind wanders. It took a few weeks before I could count all the way to ten. I still have stressful times when I can't seem to shut down the mental chatter and get past a count of two or three, but learning to not fret about it is a benefit, too.
  2. I need help

    I never do battle with my ego. I bribe it with tea and cakes. Edit to add: Oops, I didn't mean to minimize anyone's difficulties with the above remark. I had a vision of me and my ego leaving our weapons at the door and having a talk over tea and cakes.
  3. spiritual weapons for fighting off demons?

    Three years ago my dad was in and out of the hospital and the nursing home. I was seriously fatigued from being the sole caregiver, and too stupid to even consider what could be lurking in hospital corridors looking for a feed and a new home. *scream*
  4. Beyond Good and Evil

    LOL It only took me about 40 years to be able "to lie in a meadow and hear the grass sing" after I first heard the Moody Blues suggesting that possibility.
  5. spiritual weapons for fighting off demons?

    I used pickling salt from the section of the store that has home canning supplies. It's a pure fine-grained salt without anti-caking ingredients or other stuff that you might not want in your kim chee or your sauerkraut.
  6. spiritual weapons for fighting off demons?

    It's usually wise to stay on good terms with your neighbors, living or not.
  7. spiritual weapons for fighting off demons?

    HAH! Am I glad to find this topic. I came in here tonight with a question about demons or spirits or etheric boogers or whatever. I've been having health problems and some friends suggested a salt scrub in case I had some spiritual parasites. I don't believe in them, but in any case a salt scrub seemed like a good idea to exfoliate any dead skin cells. Anyhow, I started at the top of my head and scrubbed with salt all the way down to soles of my feet. It felt like some entity was dislodged from the back of my neck and got washed away with the salt. It's now 9 hours later and I notice am bruised all over from the waist visible marks but I feel exactly like I was beaten with sticks all over my arms and my back and front. Ewwww. I don't want to believe in etheric things attaching themselves to me. WTF?
  8. the word

    Did y'all read this article by Clif? It must be laughter! What else is so disconcerting and deflating to the monsters? At a qi gong seminar, we took a laughing break starting with hearty (but fake)HA HA HAs that soon turned into contagious and genuine tears-in-our-eyes guffaws. What if ten or one hundred people did this in the presence of Daddy Bush or Nasty Pelosi or any other pompous sold-soul politician, pointing fingers at them to make sure they knew they were the target of the laughter? This idea cheers me up. It might prompt an Executive Order forbidding public laughing, too. LOL.
  9. Konichiwa

    Thanks. I don't who or what wants us gone. I don't know if it's actual physical ET visitors or some kind of interdimensional crap. It's pure conjecture, the result of my trying to make sense of it. Or maybe I've just read too many science fiction novels.
  10. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    Aside from the catastrophe itself it's the same old political theatrics, which I avoid. I unplugged the cable 3 years ago and shoved the brainwashing machine into a back room. I'd be happy with 40 acres and a mule just to enjoy the peace and quiet and to stop supporting the anti-life war machine regime.
  11. having integrity and still getting laid

    Maybe you're trying too hard. Never underestimate the power of focused intent. Throw it out to Universe exactly what you want, then stop worrying about it. Maybe try little feng shui to remind you to stay focused? Like pictures of happy couples, or statues of animal pairs like hen & rooster, lion & lioness, etc.
  12. GAN BEI my peeps

    Ahoy there! There's a song about that, ya know...merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.
  13. having integrity and still getting laid

    OMG, I love this thread! It makes me grateful to be old enough to have survived and gotten the mating season over with.
  14. Konichiwa

    I've wondered about that, too, but it does seem like some of them are meddling and not in OUR best interests. I figure there must be a variety of species and factions up there. Seems like the "good" ETs would tend towards non-interference. Another thing I wonder about is the headlong rush into potentially disastrous technolgical advances like genetic engineering and nanotech. Normal humans don't come up with this stuff on their own. It takes a soulless psychopath to dabble in those things with no regard for longterm consequences. I'm even willing to admit the possibility of demonic possession. And then there are those pesky chemtrails. It makes me suspect that somebody want us gone from this piece of real estate. Remember those old westerns where they chase the bad guys through the hills and they always end up going over the same ground and circling around the same rock? I always end up back at Gnostic Rock where it looks like the Bad Guys hijacked this portion of the universe.
  15. Hello from North Georgia

    Wow, Pinetree, I had a similar experience. I was driving on the highway and saw 2 gray metal orbs cavorting in some contrails. Just stared at them until they were gone. My daughter was with me and I didn't tell her about them until later that night. That was some peculiar behavior, and I did feel like I had been in a trance.