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  1. Falun Dafa thread - open discussion...

    all i got to say is falun dafa is the real deal u just got to meditaate or u wont get any results
  2. Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong

    can someone here at the taobums please explain the benefits of Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong and if it is a great way to meditate for long periods of time
  3. i totally understand u bodyoflight a lot of things has happen to me to find my self see those with children and a wife would not understand because there attached to them blessed are those who have no attachments to find them self remenber the buddha quit his life and his wife and son to find him self
  4. Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong

    u sit in full lotus with palms on knees facing up so feet hands and ur head point up
  5. Mo Pai and Immortality

    i think falun dafa is the bes gigong eber what do u guys think
  6. Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong

    does energy come out of your hands when doing Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong or you receive energy through your hand and is Five Centers Facing Heaven Qigong a good for opening the every energy center
  7. salvia divinorum

    wait so this is crazy this totally kill rick strassman the spirit molecule cuz he says dmt is what makes u dream and hallusinate but salvia makes u see visions and it contains salvidorin so theres a lot to be learn
  8. salvia divinorum

    i know salvia contains salvidorin but does it contain dmt i heard all plants contain dmt
  9. salvia divinorum

    but you just said you smoked dmt and had a very beatiful experience but yet salvia is bad for you
  10. salvia divinorum

    what i think is that this plants were put on earth for a reason not to just sit there and do nothing and we us humans should take advantage of this instead of just saying is bad for practice what about the shamans they used it and were healthy and lived long what i think is that there a lot of stuff i earth were not taking advantage of.
  11. salvia divinorum

    i want to smoke a lot of salvia divinorum and then meditate i would like to know if any of you guys have done it and what are the side effects if any in the energy body.
  12. the truth

    i have been giving a lot of thinking to love when ur in in love u dont think u dont think in the past present or future u are just love and the only thing that doesnt let us understand this is the ego of surviving and being in this world am i right that all we are is nothing but love is this the truth
  13. Eye witness accounts of the spirit world

    dawg i have a question is it better to meditate on top of mountains and when u enter into the spirit world do u sit in full lotus
  14. talking to people

    lately when i talk to people i start to feel sleepy and tired like i want to meditate its weird its like i enter in to meditation when i talk to someone can someone explain this to me please
  15. standing meditation and full lotus meditation

    can u do it