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  1. Are relationships important?

    haha love it! I was flipping channels today and came across a program on dignitas. It covered actual events of a Man's story-willingly ending his life in this fashion due to a terminal illness. Morbid as it was to watch for me, It kept me glued. the stoicism he faced it with was so profound. It was what sustained him (his close ones) that gave him strength. As he lied there taking his last breaths he muttered to his wife who was by his side the famous quote- "You are not gone if someone remembers your name." Brings to mind a story of a scholar warrior who was critically wounded in a duel. He saught out his children to shelter him during his recovery. They reclined; They didn't want anything to do with a foolish old man, who still engaged in the fuedal practice of dueling. Who had neglected them throughout thier lives, in his search for self perfection, and carefully planned strategy. It was then that he felt his eyes were opened. After his recovery, he was challenged by a formidable opponent whom it wouldn't be shameful to die at his hands. He accepted, and in the duel, when the moment came, he did not even bother to try to block a fatal stroke. He left behind a poem that made all the other scholar warriors weep. It read: In youth, a leaf on the tree: Fresh, vibrant, beautiful. In old age, a leaf in the mud: Ground unnoticed beneath the heel After much thought, and witnessing the deaths of some of the closest people in my circle, reflecting on how they lived. The smash-mouth reality of these resposes from you guys... I know the answer. I'm so glad my aunt referred me to this 'site'! I would otherwise be pretty much by myself on this path. I thank you and wish you all blessings.
  2. In all realness, how important are relationships to someone on the path?
  3. There are concepts in some of these responses I do not at all agree with, and do not relate to me in any way. Truth is easy to recognize, and I am seeing glimpses of it in some of the material
  4. THANKYOU Astral_Anima. I was beginning to think I'm ALL alone here.
  5. I see good points in your response. But you've got the wrong impression of me Michael. It's cool though because you do not know me at all.
  6. Yes, it was a little too harsh. It was just meant to roughly, and quickly illustrate the depths of the predicament. Its not my goal to change anyone. when appropriate, I believe in introducing clarity to the 'bogged down' not for my own benefit, but to contribute to the longevity of the source. Anyways, this is off topic of what I'm trying to get at.
  7. Perhaps it is useless. But is it not selfish of me to withhold such knowledge? though it may fall on deaf ears(which I try to avoid those whom cannot hear) my place is definitely not to say 'you suck.' I'm simply trying to help. when I extend a hand it is not to knock down, but to raise up. honing my own self is a constant focus. Is it such a 'trap' to believe in the potential of mankind?
  8. To see the world for what it is must happen before you go about your way, and must continue to be re-examined throughout. Thank you cowtao for your solid reminders on the types of 'window cleaner' to use. Though incorporated, the 'barrier' you and I are referring to still remains. This is my focus.
  9. In living in the continuous accordance to Tao; Vigorously on the path to true self cultivation in all areas of existence... I am finding that the more I disconnect from the mediocrity, and the mindless meddling, among other absurdities so widly and commonly accepted/practiced in this world; The more difficult it is for me to maitain the relationships I would like to keep, and further alienating myself from interaction with people. I'm at a point where it is a near-impossible task not to show my annoyance with the average person's blind loyalty to the many forms of trickery and falsities, and inability to recognize, let alone move beyond such complacency; Resulting in the entrapment of thier own mind, that one sets for themselves. My question is: How can the rare breed break past the barriers of the natural rift between them and fellow beings? Is it even possible? -Perhaps there are others wiser than me on this subject that can shed some light on this dilemma I'm having.
  10. GAN BEI my peeps

    Recognizing realization should resurrect a feeling within you, similar to the awakening from a dream. I let go of all the trivial manifestations, pre-conceptually rooted in the distorted continuous, misguided interpretations of our mere world. What I was left with is comparrible to being amongst tiny ants, attempting to escape the calamity of a great flood, by hopelessly clinging to the remaining bits of land; preparing for the end. Whereas, I begin to set sail aboard my vessel, afloat on the infinite sea of vast emptiness. It is there that I find indescribable equanimity. Even while awake, we are all just dreamers, dreaming in a dream. Whether you are freed to your dream, or trapped in your nightmare; I will come to visit you there, however, only for a moment; for my appointment is in the cloudy starlight of yet another dream