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  1. Meow Meow

    In the non-dual perspective, everything, everyone is in the Tao, even people who think they are not in the Tao or don't follow the Tao. So, from this perspective, you can "reshape" the Tao, but it still remains the Tao. It really depends upon how a person defines the Tao and to argue without knowing the definitions being used usually just ends up frustrating both parties. I kind of cringed in self-recognition when I noted you used the phrase: "all is as it should be" as an example, since I tend to use that phrase. Your using that as an example helped me to realize the inherent erroneous assumption in that statement, as well as the idea that the Tao is "perfect". As someone else said, it just "is". Perfection, as well as assumptions about what is evil and good are human constructions. This is not to say evil and good don't exist, since we as humans also exist and we need these concepts to function. Perhaps at some level they do exist even independent of human conception. However, at certain levels they disappear, just as yin and yang disappear.
  2. Meow Meow

    I've seen the argument about mental illness removing the need for responsibility for behavior before and I think there is some sort of assumption that isn't quite right. I think it revolves around the assumption that if a person is mentally ill, they have no free will ever. I don't think that is true. I think this is some sort of a cultural myth, like drunks don't have to be responsible for what they say, and so people just use it as an excuse. From my experience, in mentally ill people, there is a spectrum of their ability to use their free will and it varies from day to day, as well as person to person. So, there is some partial truth to the idea that mentally ill people have a decreased capacity for judgment and free will. But I'm still a believer that it doesn't exonerate them from all responsibility. In cases like this, I think this woman should be prevented from ever having any more pets and probably should not be allowed to care for children or older people. Perhaps washing out cages with animal poop in them as a community service would be a reasonable punishment. Looking a little more specifically at this case, there is what people call mental illness in which a person is pretty dysfunctional and there are more specific deficiencies in which a person's main dysfunction may be the inability to empathize. This is not infrequently tied to the inability to think through to the possible results of one's actions. I suspect this is what was part of what was going on with this person. To a degree this is a developmental problem, in that most children can't emphasize well until they reach a certain age. However, most children realize you don't put a cat in a garbage can, so it is more than that. Pretty soon we're going to start finding human babies in garbage cans...wait, we already did. Very sad, this inhumanity of people to people and other sentient beings.
  3. Meditation and demons

    I don't have personal experience in this, so take this for what you will. However, I've read many variations on a theme related to this that seem fairly reasonable and talked with several teachers who have experienced similar things. First, to be able to experience something like this, a person has generally to be really, really experienced. Second, what a person experiences varies according to the person's personality and psychological make up, plus the tradition they are in. Thus, based upon what your teacher is telling you, this might be something that is related to your tradition. From my reading, these types of phenomenon may occur when a person is able to get pretty well into what is called the subtle realm. Also from my reading, these phenomenon do appear real to whomever is experiencing them. I have also met people who appear quite sane who tell me about beings materializing in front of them while they are meditating, then opening their eyes and they are still there and then proceed to give them a teaching. However, I question whether a person observing this would be able to see whatever had appeared to the person or not. Thus, at present I take the safe route and work with teachers who know how to keep me out of this sort of situation and avoid any sort of work that has to do with "entities". Just my choice, maybe I'm just a woosey.
  4. Wandering the Way

    Thanks for your nice reply. I was thinking I should have looked up psychonaut on Google before I made my remark, to let you know that I was really interested in the topic. Just from how the word is made, I thought it had to do with navigating around in the inner psyche. So, I checked on Google and while my idea was generally correct, I was surprised to see how much it also related to, may I say, botanically induced states. I have similar misgivings to yours about that. One of my many projects I'm working on is to develop a vocabulary that can be used in communicating about or doing interior exploration. Our (English) language is just not set up well for this, but my idea is to consistently use specific words to describe common interior experiences so that a common base is set up to explore from. As an example, we say we "fall asleep". I think this is related to that many/most of us do have some sort of a feeling of movement as we "drift off" to sleep. Thus, some times when I can't fall asleep, I will try and induce a feeling of a gentle falling and sometimes it actually works. I have also noted that when I'm just starting to drift off to sleep or sometimes when I'm in the zone in meditation, that a feeling of a "space" opens up inside that I become aware of and sometimes I'll see things like faces, sailboats, houses, etc. Psychologists call this the hypnagogic state. Some serious meditators call it the "subtle" realm. I call it Cool! Anyway, at other times when I can't fall asleep, I will try and relax and "open up interior space" and this works even better than inducing the drifting/falling feeling. In other words, I try and find similar experiences with others and put a particular consistent name on them so that we know what we're referring to. Thus, if someone puts a twist on the basic idea, they don't have to start from scratch, but can say: "Last night I was opening up interior space in my mind and at the same time visualized I was drifting down a tunnel. This worked better for me than each alone." (An aside: Both of these maneuvers can be considered "subtle plane" manipulations, so not surpring if they worked better together). Well, perhaps more than you wanted to know, but I thought as a fellow psychonaut that you might be interested. My ultimate goal is to be able to develop a vocabulary such that people can more easily learn interior techniques from reading about them.
  5. 文言学

    Interesting, thanks, I printed it out to review. I have another Chinese Grammar book, but it makes me crazy. Of course, English grammar makes me crazy also, so I'm beleaguered to begin with.
  6. Wandering the Way

    Dear Pilot: Sounds like you've "taken off". Good luck and good landings. I share your confusion about why others who share this do not care to pursue it. So, you're interested in psychonautics? Is this where you get crazy and do naughty things? Sounds, like something I'd like (humor alert). Please explain what this is about if you're so inclined.
  7. .

    From a non-dual Taoist perspective, I think all is as it should be, as it can't be anything else. The Tao is all about change. We're just seeing "change". It is when we get into excessive resisting of this change that we suffer. Remember what happens to the piece of dry stiff grass versus the supple willow. It is when we forget that we, as in humans, are merely part of the Tao, not the Tao, that we get all puffed up about our importance. Our existence in the Tao is barely a transient blip on its radar screen (please forgive the anthropomorphic metaphor). That is not to say that we don't suffer and yes, we will continue to "rage against the machine." However, there are several viable theories that posit that it is due to suffering that we turn to spiritual pursuits in order to understand the "Why?" of it. Based upon many of the posts here, I think most of us have done our "fair" share! This is also not to say that it is all pointless and we should sit on our hands, as it is "as it should be". To say that is to misunderstand this point. Even though I'm not yet at the inner state of understanding what the point is, I presently understand that there is a point...even if there isn't one. I'm not trying to be clever here, this is just a conundrum and could probably be better expressed. That said, at the end of the Ox Herding wood cuts, the last one shows: "Returning to the market with open hands" (or variations on a theme). I interpret that as meaning once we reach a certain level of development to the non-dual level, we are able to return and be a part of the world, because at this stage, the mundane and the spiritual are now the same. And while these people may act ordinary, their perspective is such that they are not. Part of my point being that at a certain level of development or perspective, the chaos we are presently experiencing is understandable. However, most of us, myself including, aren't yet capable. Please note I say "not yet", not just "not" capable. Most all of us on this forum are capable or we wouldn't be here. Thus we are all capable of doing our part in helping "us" through the present chaos, whoever "us" happens to be. Remember the chaos theory of the butterfly causing the hurricane? Thus, we really are at a critical time and so having more people turn toward development rather than regression will make a big difference in how this all comes out. In times of increased stress, most people tend to regress, but a few use these times of chaos to grow. Wasn't it Nietzsche who said "It takes a certain amount of chaos to create a shining star"? This is our big opportunity, for those who dare take it. When a caterpillar changes into a butterfly, the caterpillar is destroyed, but the butterfly, with more freedom and beauty is created. Do you want to be a butterfly or would you rather stay and just become a fatter caterpillar? The choice is yours.
  8. Hello fellow forum members!

    I look forward to your contributions. I continue to have problems finding detailed internal martial arts information or internal work in general. Most of it is just physically described, so I don't get the internal work part. Thanks.
  9. Hello

    Welcome Jetsun: What sort of Water Meditation are you using? I'm familiar with BK Frantzis' books and have used his dissolving methods for years. His book Opening the Energy Gates of the Body is a good one to start with, just don't get bogged down in the 100+ points he describes as part of the dissolving technique.
  10. She wants me to cum

    Arf! I mean Hello Metal Dog. I've looked at your profile and read some of your comments and have enjoyed them. Would you mind sharing where you presently live and why?
  11. Physical Qigong

    I think Metal Dog has the right perspective to help best accurately answer this question. It really isn't a yes/no type of answer, it's a "Well, it depends" type of answer. I did hatha yoga, which is the mostly physical (asanas) part of the Raja Yoga I did for many years, and at one time was a hatha yoga instructor and even taught it to some students at a medical school in Texas for a short time. I learned it because I thought it would help me learn to move my prana/chi. I was disappointed that it did not seem to help me in this way. However, in retrospect, it was more my fault and not that of the Hatha Yoga, plus I did not have any teachers that taught that aspect of yoga. I'm still looking for a book that denotes the specific flow of prana/chi during the different asanas, so if anyone knows of one, please let me know. On the other hand, during that time, I did vigourous meditations twice a day and had several Kundalini types of experiences. I suspect the hatha yoga helped me get to the point physically so that I could actually have this experience, so think the two are tied together. Thus ends my "well it depends" response, more eloquently explained by Metal Dog. Arf!
  12. Increasing Jing

    This seems a reasonable idea. I've only been on this site a few months and I notice that anything related to sex seems to get the most responses. However, I wonder how some are related to Taoism, like one question about how to "get laid and yet still keep respect".
  13. Feminine issues

    Some good multivitamins are made by Juice Plus+. They are extracted directly from fruits and vegetables and freeze dried, so have good absorption. However, please consider getting the book "Green for Life" and trying some of the recipes in the back. I don't fully agree with the ideas in the book, but I've tried several of the recipes and they are a novel idea and full of vitamins and minerals. A typical recipe includes 1/2 avocado, 1/4 raw onion, fresh basil 1/4 cup, 1/2 of a head of lettuce, 1/4 of a lime,a piece of garlic, 1-2 cups water, then blenderized and drunk. It has a nice thick almost chewy texture to it and by varying the different vegetables and fruits in it, you get different types of antioxidants, etc. I really love it and for me, half the battle is getting me to take something, so this makes it easy, as it tastes good. I used to juice, but did not like to throw away all that good fiber. Now I blenderize several fruits and veggies and drink them. Very energizing and probably better for you than even good vitamins, due to the better bioavailabilty. Last, I read a recent article that we are having an epidemic of POD due to it being created or worsened by obesity. Thus, weight loss might be somewhat helpful to help control the symptoms. Adipose tisue tends to be a hormone absorbing/emitting substance, and so can really screw up the hormonal balance for some people.
  14. Yoga Nidra

    I used to read a lot about Out of Body Experiences (OBE's) and this sounds a lot like it. I've never been able to make up my mind what these people were actually experiencing, but John Monroe wrote a number of books I still look at occasionally. I suspect this is probably what could be considered a subtle body experience. The feeling of static electricity and tingling are typical experiences of this. Since the subtle body is perceived differently than the physical body, as the awareness shifts from one to another, there is both a feeling of movement, as well as a shift in where you perceive you are. The subtle body also relates to the dream level and hence the feeling of movement, traveling, etc can be fairly dramatic, so don't be surprised if you have some interesting experiences. However, as fizit says, don't get attached to this (as in stuck) as it is simply part of the trip from the subtle to causal, to non-dual. All levels have potentially infinite stuff to explore and do, hence the tendency to get stuck at one level if you're not aware of what's up. Sort of like a psychic video game, only better effects. Good luck and have fun.