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  1. Tom Bombadil My Favorite Taoist

  2. Tom Bombadil My Favorite Taoist

    Forever is a very long time, and according to the current ideas on the development of the Universe, most of that time would be pretty boring. I'd settle for a couple hundred years, in good health of course.
  3. Taoist Philosophy

    That last line is very similar to what my wife has said to me many times
  4. Taoist Philosophy

    I agree with the "Two Barmaids" story. Many times I've met physically beautiful women who were unattractive because of their attitudes. Genuine humility is almost always attractive.
  5. Tom Bombadil My Favorite Taoist

    Admittedly I am not an expert on Taoism, hence my forum name. But what I have read about Taoist masters,seems to fit in with the J.R.R.Tolkien Lord of the Rings character Tom Bombadil. Here's why: 1. Tom is happy and carefree. He lives in the moment. 2. Tom is not a materialist. He has a simple house,simple clothes, and does not desire gold or trinkets. 3. Tom loves nature. He cares for his forest and the creatures in it. 4. Tom has no desire for power. When sees the One Ring he laughs at it, though he surely knows its potential. 5. Finally, Tom is an immortal ... literally. OK, I understand actual physical immortality is not the goal of most Taoists, but Tom has it, along with the joyous attitude of Taoist immortals.
  6. How to Live to 101

    Maybe because it is cheaper to be vegetarian, I doubt monks have much money, and a lack of female companionship. Just a thought.
  7. How to Live to 101

    Nicely said.
  8. Death Awareness?

    Death awareness? Sheesh. Where I drive everyday, with the crazy multi-national drivers, death "un-awareness" is an impossibility!
  9. Free Will

    Yes, I prefer to think that we can change the future, that there is not one inevitable future. This may be a delusion on my part, but as Robert Heinlein, one of my favorite authors, wrote, delusions can be useful. For example, parents thinking their children are wonderful keeps the parents from killing their progeny
  10. Free Will

    Hmmm ... without free will does that mean everything is cause and effect? If you follow that back about 13.5 billion years ago, then at the start of the Big Bang it was inevitable that we would be having this conversation right now
  11. Stumbling Along the Path

    Will do. Thanks
  12. Stumbling Along the Path

  13. Stumbling Along the Path

  14. Stumbling Along the Path

    I did that over a week ago. So far no response. That's why I was asking.
  15. Stumbling Along the Path

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure I am new to Taoism as I have been stumbling along life's path for the past 47 years. I didn't always call it Taoism, but in retrospect it seems that is what I have unknowingly following. In any event I am here now I have a question. Does anyone know if the group known as Reform Taoism is still active? Their web site seems to be a year out of date.