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  1. Hi All

    Hi! Although I'm fairly new here, myself, I believe you've come to the right place. Enjoy!
  2. Hi I'm Mal

    Well, Oldtimer, although I'm of recent origin here at the Bums with only one black dot under my Tao-name, I bid you a Re-Welcome if you really feel that you need one. Certainly there's no harm in that, and I hope your experimemt, whatever it's for, is a successful one. May the Bums roll on...............
  3. Hello from North Georgia

    I need to say a word or three (or more) about governments which lie to their citizens about almost everything, including extraterrestrial life and UFOs. Since I knew at the tender age of 9 years that my government, the federal government of the United States of America, had lied to me and every other American not in the "need to know" loop, I lost whatever innocence I had left about the nature of the world in which I lived. It was only 9 years later, when I attained the age of 18 years that this same government attempted to draft me into its armed forces. I was given the draft notice while lying on a hospital bed in Crawford W. Long Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. My neurosurgeon, the late Dr. Charles E. Dowman, had just left my room after telling me that I was dying of cancer of the cervical spine and that my time was short. I asked all of my weeping relatives in my room to leave me alone for awhile until I could sort out my thoughts. I felt the need to make a public statement of some kind before my death concerning lying governments and my contempt for them. I called a local radio station and spilled out my rage, my disgust, and my anger for lying governments. I said that I had - by implication - been variously described by the federal government (along with a host of others who had seen UFOs across the years) as a drunk, a drug user, a lier, a victim of insanity and other assorted terms of derision. I told the listening audience that my doctor had just told me I was dying of cancer and was on my deathbed, and that on my honor I swore that I saw, with two other witnesses, a UFO in 1952 in Moultrie, Georgia. Of course, I had the first of many miraculous escapes from death when my doctor told my family and me that the cancer had vanished and that I would live. However, since my 5th cervical vertebra (C-5) had been destroyed by the tumor, I was classified as 4-F by the Selective Service and was never drafted.
  4. Hello from North Georgia

    With a further word about Clif High's predictive reports (, his recent reports are indicating that the "oil volcano" in the Gulf of Mexico will continue for 19 months until an earthquake seals the opening. Whether this earthquake is of natural origin or induced through HAARP technology is apparently not known at this time. In any case, I wouldn't - if I were you - believe that the latest "fix" in the GOM will work. I think a total of 19 months is much more likely. This scenario would necessarily include the diaspora of millions of human beings (also in the same report) from a huge area of the United States because of life-ending events in the GOM. According to Clif's reports, there are mind-bending mass death and disasters in our future.
  5. Hello from North Georgia

    Thank you for your comments. The South is not completely contaminated as yet, but events seem to be headed in that direction. I was proactive enough to see what may happen and react in a way that may save my life. About Clif High, he is the genius behind the website (which provides a home for the Tao Bums) and his predictive reports based on lingustic analysis of data mined from the Internet by his data-gathering "spiders". He partners with George Ure of the website in interpreting the data gathered and informing the public of the dire events in our future. The reports are fascinating, but if you don't have a strong heart, don't read them. About my childhood UFO encounter, I'm not sure that I was "chosen" for anything along with my two classmates, but my life has been full of strange events ever since then. When I researched my family background, I discovered that this kind of thing seems to have been manifesting in both my mother's and father's family for generations. In my own experience, one result seems to be that nothing can end my life. I've had incredible escapes from death throughout my life which defy reason, one event even including my mother when we were saved from certain death when our car levitated above the road and avoided a speeding car headed straight for us. Our car was gently deposited on the roadside unharmed. I can say, in all seriousness, that my life has been stranger than fiction.
  6. Hello from North Georgia

    George Ure, in today's (7/14/10) report has provided a link to BP's plan to use a nuclear device "to quell a cascading catastrophe. If successful they will have the capability to detonate a controlled fusion generated pulse. The last ditch plan - the Omega plan - may be the final hope to stop what some insiders now consider a catastrophe that could culminate with a world-killing mass extermination event that modern civilization could not survive."
  7. Hello from North Georgia

    July 2, 2010 From my cousin's home in Alaska My heart is breaking as I receive more and more ominous reports from friends and relatives who were foolish enough to stay in the Gulf coast area and even surrounding states. No one is telling them the truth except for alternative news sites, which some dismiss as nonsense. They are breathing deadly, poisoned air. This is an ELE, an extinction level event which means - at the very least - the end of all life in all the southern states and beyond. Hospitals in Florida are being inundated with sick residents, most of whom have obvious symptoms from exposure to deadly, toxic gases and materials. Air quality reports have disappeared from the news. Washington remains silent, an obvious accomplice of the mass slaughter now underway. I wish I could have died before seeing the wanton destruction and death of my land, my people...........
  8. newbie from middle of Europe says: Hello!

    Welcome! Although I'm fairly new myself, I suppose there's no harm in saying Welcome! What a beautiful nation you have! It's my favorite in Europe, with France being next. I'm sure you'll like it here. Be sure to learn about Clif High's ALTA reports, and his pal George Ure's website, urban survival.
  9. Hello from North Georgia

    June 28,2010 From a hotel room in Richmond, VA Here I am in Richmond, a city close to my heart for reasons I won't disclose. I'll be heading for Alaska tomorrow on a friend's private jet (it must be nice to have more money than one could ever spend). I decided this sudden turn of luck is universe calling, saying "Go as far North as you can as quickly as you can" and I listened. Once there, a distant cousin has offered to take me in until I can find a homestead in my price range. Having abandoned a soon-to-be worthless piece of real estate (who will want a beautiful gated estate drenched in toxic oil and engulfed in deadly poisoned air?), I'll take whatever I can get. Best wishes to you all. I'll post more updates as soon as I know anything interesting. Pinetree
  10. GAN BEI my peeps

    row..row..row..your boat gently down the stream. Or you may want to let the boat of life drift for awhile and let it go where it see where universe will take you.
  11. Konichiwa

    Welcome, Samurai Jane! Those pesky UFO's can really get your attention, can't they? I think I've finally decided on Time Travel from our future as a reasonable explanation for them. I think it's possible that they could be engaged in (from their point of view) historical research. This would also be an encouraging explanation because it implies the future survival (presently in some measure of doubt) of the human race.
  12. having integrity and still getting laid

    You may just have to muddle through on your own because even Ayn Rand, best-selling novelist and creator of the Objectivist philosophy, and Joseph Smith - founder and prophet of the Mormon religion - couldn't get it right. Rand, of course, had her disastrous affair with her one-time "intellectual heir" Nathaniel Branden, who happened to be her supposed best friend's husband. Smith preached polygamy (having two or more "wives") to the Mormon faithful and wound up with many "wives", which one might suppose could drive any man to rack and ruin and drink. These are only two examples of famous people who never got it right. You may never get it right either, but it may be fun to try. Just relax, chill out, be yourself and you may attract someone who finds you to be her "cup of tea".
  13. Hello from North Georgia

  14. Stumbling Along the Path

    Sorry I can't help with your question, but I'm new here too and want to welcome you to the experience.
  15. Hello from North Georgia

    I've been considered odd by many of my peers since the Spring of 1952 when two of my 4th grade classmates and I had a UFO close encounter experience on a schoolyard, during morning recess, at Central Elementary in Moultrie, Ga. We were the "Jet Pilots" (there were no astronauts in those days) of our class, the top three students who were allowed extra recess time, and we were alone on the playground during our experience. The UFO made the front page of our local newspaper, The Moultrie Observer, but NOT because of us. Adults all over Moultie and Colquitt County saw the same thing and reported their sightings. However, no one else reported that the object flew straight toward them at fantastic speed or made a 90 degree turn without slowing down (as it did over our school and hovered in front of us, perhaps 30 feet off the ground). Since it was a huge circular silver flying saucer, with "portholes" (windows perhaps?) around the rim, this experience made a HUGE impression on us. After I walked home that afternoon, it occurred to me that neither I, nor my two co-experiencers, ever said a word about it after we returned to our classroom. It seemed to me as though we were in a trance of some kind. I have no expanation for our behavior, but it seems to me that 3 normal children who had seen what we did would have been all excited and talked about it. We didn't, and I don't know why. However, I did tell my parents all about it when I got home and found them in our front yard. My own father ridiculed my story until our evening paper was thrown at his feet by our paper boy. He opened the paper and found the UFO story on the front page and apologized to me. Life has continued to be extremely interesting for me in the many years since. I don't know the meaning of the word "boring", and I'm sure I never will. Friday, June 25, 2010 As I have long suspected, I don't think I'll ever be bored and certainly not THIS time of all times. I'm preparing to leave the beloved land of my birth, my beautiful Georgia. Already, in the wake of the GOM oil disaster, there are reports of damaged vegetation across our Western border in Huntsville, Alabama, which is even farther north than my present location north of Atlanta. Yes, I will miss my North Georgia mountains and parks, my Golden Isles on the Atlantic coast, and even the pine forests of South Georgia, where I was born. I will miss all of the wonderful people I have known and loved, but I have always known when to leave, even when others did not. Already There are reports of others taking their own lives in the wake of our GOM disaster, unable to accept the End of Life as they have known it. And the time to leave Georgia is before the highways become impassable with millons of refugees from Florida and South Georgia heading in my direction. It's a time of Great Trouble in which many will die (see Clif's reports if you doubt it), and I share the blessings of peace and acceptance with them. May we all find wisdom, truth and acceptance before the end. While I find a place to plug in my computer elsewhere, may peace and safety reign among all of you. Pinetree