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  1. Jeff Primack

    i just got done doing his 4 day "qi revolution" seminar. i had an excellent experience & for the price ($99) it was very affordable. he did mention the influences of paul dong & wim hof as well as the shaman he worked with (who as stated earlier wishes to remain anonymous). when jeff replied in this thread that he had never taken even 1 exercise from any other person, i have to say i disagree. now if you break it down, maybe technically they are his own (as in he augmented them slightly or ordered them in a different way) but a lot of the forms are the same as found in other qi gong methods as taught by different instructors. after all qi gong has been around for a really long time. no form is truly "original" and no 1 person owns any style or method. the man is definitely a marketing genius & there is nothing wrong with that. how many of us can say we are exposing 1,000's of people to qi gong? of course nobody is perfect & he has obviously had personality issues with others (such as the video editor who posted earlier), but it doesn't change the fact that his influence is helping many more people become more interested in qi gong and i think that is a good & very necessary thing. yes he is profiting from it, but i don't think that taints his motives (at least not that much). he seemed sincere in what he was teaching & acknowledged god for all the blessings he had received in his life. for the 4 days he taught us levels 1-3 in his series which included the 9 breath method & breath empowerment. his seminar also had many lectures ranging from philosophical to nutritional & were all very interesting. i would recommend this seminar to others interested in qi gong, it was very economical & informative!
  2. howdy from texas!

    just stumbled onto this forum & found some interesting topics/posts & thought i would join!