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  1. Hello from Norfolk

    Yes. Balance. The teaching, although remarkably rewarding does take a toll. This time is welcomed! Thank you for your gracious message.
  2. Hello from Norfolk

    Hello everyone, I am a newcomer to Tao Bums but am also relatively new to Virginia. I moved here from Vermont where I taught Aikido, jujutsu and sword at Dartmouth College for 20 years. I'm taking a break from teaching now -trying to focus on the internal arts more now that my evenings are somewhat freed up. I find the Taoist philosophy very appealing and it has resonated with me for years. I had a very close friend who introduced me to Taoism in the mid 90's.. the late Sifu Charles Blodgett. His guidance was so instrumental in my understanding of Taoism. -so, I am saying hello and am looking forward to learning from this forum.. Thank you.