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  1. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    I've just completed week one. I'm training myself to recognize when my mind is moving lustfully, i.e. "that's one pretty woman on link" or even when it gets subtle and makes my finger stroke one of the keys on my laptop keyboard sensually. That part of my mind is rebelling against the discipline I'm now imposing on it. I recognize what's happening, try to cut the thought off at source, and redirect the energy into opening myself up. The trick is, being amused at how my mind is trying to trip me up into rubbing one out, fantasizing, etc. That way, I don't get angry at myself or stress myself out too much on the 100 day journey, or distort my thinking about women any more that it already is ;-) I accept my mind is not used to discipline, and now I'm setting bounds for it. I'll check back in, in a little while.
  2. New Member Saying Hello

    Hello all, I've just signed up. I'm going by the handle "undoing". I just thought I'd introduce myself. -- undoing.