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  1. Hello Everyone, Did anyone see the video and story on the viewing of the two suns in China about two weeks ago? Its on Youtube. Any thoughts from anyone on this? Tao K
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    Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting on this forum and being part of your website. I discovered your website a few weeks ago and have enjoyed reading all the information that is available here. My husband and I are relatively new to the study of Tao, that's the reason for the question. My husband met someone that also supposedly follows the teachings of the Tao and its belief system. As the weeks have past, my husband has discovered many differences in what this individual is saying to him vs. what my husband and I has studied up to this point. Now for the question we need help with. This individual has told my husband that he has talked a Tao Master into visiting with him and other people to learn more. This individual did let my husband know that if we also chose to get "baptized" on that day, they would be available to do that as well! As far as we know and have read, there is nothing that involves "baptism" and the Tao Teachings. Are we correct on this topic? From what we understand the Tao Teachings are not a religion nor have religious rituals tied to it. If we are missing something here, please feel free to include any suggestions on reading material, etc. that we have not seen. Thank you for your time. Tao K