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  1. The Flyers

    Who has the right facts? Do you? You see them as flyers but maybe I see them as something else. Are you right or am I right?
  2. The Flyers

    Go study more. as you said, you had very little or debatable encounters
  3. The Flyers

    This is why I recommend living in temples and holy grounds for the next few years. The flyers might be powerful but not as powerful as the angels and dharma protectors. When you go into meditation deep enough, one might have a chance of protecting oneself..
  4. When humans learn to transform the sexual energies instead of using it for procreation, this will be the next golden age.
  5. The Flyers

    If they wanna take anything, just give them! Afterall, you can always create more stuff out of yourself by sheer visualizations. Imagine a huge beam of celestial light coming into your soul and spreading in all directions. Visualize yourself giving and healing all beings with this healing light! Chod! Btw, this is only a very basic preliminary practice!
  6. Alright, enough of my rants against the material world in favour of the spiritual.. I wanna start a new line of thought.. We insignificant human beings have been controlled by the Gods and Higher Beings and Controllers, ET, Human or otherwise for millennial.. However the movie the Adjustment Bureau gave a very important message. The main character was supposed to be the president but he must sacrifice the love of his life in return. In the end, he threw away his chances at presidency in order to chase after the love of his life. Members of the Adjustment Bureau, a organization with special powerful higher beings/angels, keep putting obstacles in his way but the hero keep destroying all the obstacles until he forged a new destiny and a new timeline. I wanna ask each and every one in here. If the Gods, Higher Beings and Controllers, ET, Human or otherwise, have a specific destiny for us but we seek to avert that particular destiny by choosing a even higher, different destiny or timeline.. Are we "insignificant" human beings ever able to persuade the Gods, Higher Beings and Controllers to give us a better, different destiny and timeline? Just like how the main character in the Adjustment Bureau changed his destiny and timeline?
  7. who ever says the physical aspect of the Tao includes marriage, sex, work, career, family and children?
  8. well what do you want me to say? that a recovering alcoholic should find love in another recovering alcoholic so both of them can understand the demons plaguing each other? i am sorry mate but the truth hurts and someone gotta say the painful truth sometimes even if it is not politically correct..
  9. Look, I do know some stuff that you don't ok? This is why I am looking at things differently. There are also lots of stuff which I do not know. A lot of people do not know what happens to the soul after death. I know cos I spent too much time connecting the dots and I know how to get out of the prison. The answers have been quoted in my posts far too many times. We live in a prison and there are controllers, human, ET and otherwise trying to prevent us from leaving the prison. This is one of the most important facts of life which everybody must acknowledge. There is a way out and a number of people know this way out. Now I am choosing the best way out for me and it might not necessarily be the best method in the world for me but given the current resources and information and contacts at my disposal, it is the best road. Some of you might have even better roads than me. Some of you might already have masters living in the same city as you and you are satisfied with that. Well I don't have nothing and this is why I am moving to the Himalayas because the number of teachers in the Himalayas and the skill-level of such teachers far outstrip the teachers found in major cities.. And even if the teachers in the Himalayas refuse to teach me, I will meditate there till my death because the energies of the Himalayas will help me reach my destination much faster..
  10. I have already said I would not do the same thing if I were in her shoes. I have also said that it is her life and she has the right and freedom to do with it as she please. Please re-read the post again. Cheers!
  11. No I am chasing after something .. a prize greater than money or sex or family or children.. I am chasing after immortality itself... How is that any different? Because the powers gained when immortality is given will give you the new freedoms of creating any reality which you want.. including the powers to benefit others and relieve them of suffering and ignorance if you wish to.. as long as you are only hankering after money and sex and family and children, you will be extremely limited in your capacity to create new improved realities.. Chasing after immortality and enlightenment is vastly different from chasing after money and sex and family and children.. Please do not put both groups in the same basket. The only fear I have is wasting time and energies on useless activities eg sex,money family, children while ignoring the main goal of life which is enlightenment and immortality. I am totally fine with death and suffering as long as it is death and suffering endured while chasing the CORRECT goals of life. If I have to suffer and even die in vain while chasing immortality, then so be it. I am totally fine with it. My suffering will not be in vain and my death will serve a higher purpose! What I detest however is to suffer and die in vain while chasing after women and sex and money and family and children. This will totally result in useless suffering and useless deaths!
  12. well you were the one saying these.. I have no idea what happens with our soul and spirit when we die. I haven't died yet so I have no idea. I do know that our body will return to Earth. But just because we don't know what will happen to our soul and spirit when we die shouldn't have any effect on how we live our life while we have a body to live with. this is why I said you know very little and yet you keep pushing your standards on how to live life on earth on others..
  13. you are already showing your fears about the winters and diseases in the himalayas.. i am not twisting what you said..
  14. buddhists talk about enlightenment all the time but is there a difference between attachment and dedication? the dalai lama talks about enlightenment all the time.. but is he attached or dedicated? i think there is no one human in this forum or on the face of the planet who have the credentials to judge if a spiritual practitioner is truly dedicated or attached to spirituality.. i have different goals from you.. i judge life differently from you.. why should I live my life according to your expectations and standards?
  15. you should never have fallen for a man you met in AA.. you were already suffering from alcoholism and now you wanna get together with another recovering alcoholic? no offense.. but if I were you, I would never have done the same thing.. it is suicide mate.. but then, hey it is your life.. do whatever with what you will