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  1. hello world

    greetings tao bums, i've been lurking around for the past couple days, scouring the archives and enjoying all the great info i've found. i live in new england so if there's anyone in the area give me a shout. having been on some odd spiritual quest since, i believe, i temporarily - and unknowingly - ignited my kundalini when i was 16, blowing my mind and sending me blazing off into some devious and ungrounded reality, i've pulled myself along and unwittingly landed here (and a million other tasty locations.) i'm 22 now, but there's an infinitely long story between now and then. usually i abstain from forums but have decided i actually enjoy web-stranger-company once in a while. i'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts and querying YOUR minds. lots of questions, many many. adios amigos, joe
  2. hello world

    thank you all
  3. hello world

    In Connecticut, right around Hartford. Currently in Wethersfield but the girlfriend and I are giving up the apartment at the end of May... not sure where I'll be after that.