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  1. Kouk Sun Do in Korea

    Hey! I am actually in Korea right now. If you happen to find any masters I would love to know. I'll go check it out for you and tell you what's up. I'm looking as well.
  2. Images of the sun

    It's beautiful
  3. Where to begin?

    Hey all, Hope all is well out there. It's nice that we have a nice Indra's net here! I'm happy to have found this forum (I passed it along to my girlfriend and she has very much enjoyed some threads as well). I am new to Taoism as a practice, philosophy, it's entirety. I finished college with degrees in Anthropology and Religion. The only teacher in my Religion department who taught Taoism was someone whom I had an abrasive relationship with, and to shorten the story up I sat in on one lecture with him and that was the last. SO, I would like to find a more refreshing teacher. With that being said I assume I will learn a lot from many of you, and will take the forums as substitute for an actual teacher for the time being. I would love to study more about Taoism. Can anyone recommend any good informative books? History, lineages, varieties of Taoism, practices, techniques, philosophies... all that good jazz. I appreciate the time you've spent reading this! And if you have any ideas for me on where I should begin after beginning here that would be most excellent. Namaste, CheslinK
  4. A Brief Introduction

    I'm sorry I skimmed the thread, I am new as well to The Tao Bums. So this contribution is merely surface level. I just wanted to tell you... your alias/handle/aka/nick made me crack a huge smile and I had a jolly inner laugh about it. Thank you! CheslinK
  5. Ohm my goodness, sweet forum...

    What's good everyone? I luckily came across this forum on some sort of google journey. I was looking for places to learn more about taoism and energy practices, just the place! I have read Mantak Chia's The Multi Orgasmic Man... sometime when I was 19 or so, and I just recently read Taoist Secrets of Love. I still do not quite understand the techniques, and would love further elaboration from some seasoned practitioners in upcoming posts. I am 23 years old, and currently living in South Korea teaching English. I've got plenty of free time outside of my working environment in which I am trying to progress forward spiritually/mentally/physically. In terms of physical routines I have been doing P90X for the past month. I'm slowly weaning myself off meats (I was vegetarian for 7 months, but have been eating meat for the past year). I've been eating a lot more raw foods as in the past week or so, and am continuing with this trend. Spiritually, I have been slowly building up a routine meditation practice. I've meditated on and off for the past 3 or 4 years with no continuous practice. I'm trying to get a healthier sleeping routine as well. Mentally, I have been doing lots of reading and have just recently begun watching Understanding Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing Ming. I also have downloaded Mantak Chia's huge dvd collection of teachings. I graduated college with Religion and Anthropology degrees. I focused more on Buddhism than anything else. This has been my start thus far. I have been googling any sort of energy practices in Korea and have not had positive results. I have just recently found certified Tai Chi practitioners who work in hospitals and have e-mailed them to see if they can pass me along to some teachers. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Books, starting exercises, words of advice for someone new to Taoism. Peace, CheslinK