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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. While I also think that kundalini into the brain is a must for full enlightenment, I wonder if by awakening the penetrating vessel (the spine), it will rise on its own or even for a complete open energy body it will need special practices to go up. Also it will be interesting to know if just the entering of chi into the central channel, free flowing, and not the kundalini, will give some kind of spiritual fullfilment. I would appreciate if anyone with experience in this regard can 'enlighten' me. Anyway, this is only for curiosity, as for now I feel I don't really need kundalini and will be more than happy just without blocks, that to me will be enough for the interior peace and perfect health that I'm seeking. You're probably right Marblehead! As for the coming of blocks... on what it depends? Maybe the thoughts and negative beliefs one keeps having and storing into the mind that manifest themselves as blocks in the meridians? Anyway I think one eventually will get to a point when there is no other block, to be hollow like a hose... I've learned how to get there, and I'm enthusiastic for it! Peace.
  2. Hi everyone, this is my first real topic so I hope you will be easy with me . I am on a spiritual path and I've been working for a while on releasing blocks in my energy body with different techniques (meditation on dan tien, on the breath, zhan zhuan, etc.), and I'm very enjoying this since I'm getting more peaceful and happy as time goes by. Now my practice got to a point where I feel I'll be free of blocks (and for this I mean every meridian cleaned and flowing) within few weeks, probably. Now a question came to my mind: is someone completely without blocks enlightened? As to my understanding, one should be always peaceful and happy so it must be some kind of spiritual fulfillment, but I don't know if this can be called enlightenment, or maybe is just one form of lesser samadhi (which is good anyway). What do you think? Peace
  3. Hello...

    ... nice people! As you can surely see I've just subscribed (but been lurking for a while)! Looking for a pleasant permanence here with a good contribution for my part... Thank you very much. Peace