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  1. how to cool the body

    You are welcome! I'm glad you liked it!
  2. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    I guess all this mess with oil spill will end up by explosion of hydrogen bomb in order to move layer to bury the oil well. Maybe that's what American government should have done from the very beginning. But when the situation will come to it (and it seems that it'll come), greenpeace will tie themselves to the bottom of the sea to prevent it.
  3. I don't know anything

    Like Bruce Lee said: "All that is learned is meant to be forgotten, so you can float comfortably..." Cheerz!
  4. Inland Vs Coastal

    Yes, the linkage with Feng Shui is quite to the point. Also, one of the concepts of Chinese (I Ching) Astrology is that different people are born in different places, because their birth chart depends on the location on Earth.
  5. how to cool the body

    Moonbar, There is a good way to cool your body in yoga practice. Stick your tongue out, then roll it up into a tube and breathe through this "tube" some time. It really helps.
  6. Chinese Shamanism

    You can also try out my software program which makes natal, yearly and daily I Ching Divination: http://fourpillarsofwisdom.com/ FREE 15 trial is included!
  7. Stilling the mind

    Wonderful thought, thank you fizix! By the way, Isolation Tank (Deprivation Chamber) can be used to achieve a stillness of mind. It is quite effective for a novice. With such a tank you can achieve stillness pretty fast, but you must work hard on the meditation, because you deal with pain in your legs and your back.
  8. 大家好

    I cannot read chinese, but hello odi!
  9. Suppos-ed Economic Collapse.

    I don't think that there will be a collapse unless we will face big ecological problems in the same time with economical crisis. Like one my friend says: I don't believe people who preach the apocalypse, but someone among them one day will be right.
  10. Suppos-ed Economic Collapse.

    Yeah. All economic problems exist because some people stole too much money, and they keep stealing. Parasites in the economy - produce nothing, get money from the air. And this process of stealing was approved by the governments.
  11. What do you mean by "The War of Words"? The only war of words that I see is here in the Internet in comments and discussions. It looks like humanity is drowning in words and information.
  12. Taoist Philosophy

    Marblehead, Great idea to post all chapters of Tao Te here! Thank you!
  13. Cyborgs

    Yeah! Also imagine that you caught some computer virus with such a chip inside you. For example, the one which makes you fart every five minutes.
  14. Cyborgs

    No way. I'm already sick of the desktop computer because of my job, so I'll never put it inside me!