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  1. Why I am against 'powers'

    Hello, New here... probably not a great idea to post a reply on such a polarized topic... however, I must say i read the entire post and can relate completely... i realized long ago it ook far more real power to walk away from a fight... to accept a loss, a dissapointment... to love freely and act regardless of fears. although i feel i am a mere visitor to this place... i say thank you for posting this. ~Enjoyed
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "when a great wound is healed, there will still remain a scar. can this be a desirable state of affairs? therefore, the sage, holding the left-hand tally, performs his part of the covenant, but lays no claims upon others." "the virtuous attends to his duties; the virtueless knows only to levy duties upon the people. the way of heaven has no private affections, but always accords with the good." ~Lao Tzu
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    Thank you... inadvertantly found this place... best way to find things
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    Hello everyone