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  1. The Five Tibetans

    I googled UMMA Tantra, but most links are for TaoBums. Is that a username?
  2. The Five Tibetans

    I'm just curious... On my facebook fan page, I asked what their daily ritual was... and someone mentioned doing 5 Tibetans in the morning. I've never met a tibetan, let alone done one. har har... So, I googled it. And watched a video and learned about it. Who here has tried them? How do they make you feel? Do you look young? I've done them yesterday and today... and I will continue to do them for 10 weeks. I want to see how I feel then. Should be interesting.
  3. Tao 101 - If you could recommend only ONE book ...

    NIce. I have read, Tao Te Ching... and I just acquired the Tao of Pooh... Ill begin that directly on my iPad. Thanks, folks.
  4. Which books would you say are "Required Reading" or Tao 101? Or up to 3 books. Which ones would you say are most influential to you, thus far in your path? Thanks in Advance.
  5. I decided to go on a 100 day spending fast

    In the great words of Rob Schneider. "YOU CAN DOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEET!!!"
  6. I've been recently researching various crystals and gemstones... and I've been really connecting with Citrine. I don't understand the whole vibrational frequencies of the stones or why they work, but they seem to be having an interesting effect in various areas of my life. For instance, I recently picked up a 2 inch Citrine point crystal... that I keep in my pocket and under my pillow at night... and a 3 inch citrine cluster on my computer desk. According to folklore: so, knowing this, I've meditated on citrine... and in the two weeks that I've had it, $10,000 of new income has manifested, with an opportunity still uncertain, but with 160 locations that Ill be doing local search optimization for, which will total nearly $100,000 over the next year. None of these opportunities were present before I started using this. I was curious and wanted to bring this to the forum of amazing minds here, and ask what stones work for you, if you use them and how you use them. Thanks in advance for the great discussions about to pour forth in this thread. Namaste
  7. The Perfect Morning Ritual for Optimal Awesomeness.

    TheSongsofDistantEarth that was your 777th post... very interesting. :-)
  8. One for the raw food folks

    A Bananatarian? Does this guy think he is a primate?
  9. The Perfect Morning Ritual for Optimal Awesomeness.

    Sounds like I got some learning to do. lol
  10. The Perfect Morning Ritual for Optimal Awesomeness.

    Great feedback in here so far. Thanks everyone. I look forward to reading even more various morning rituals... I do some breathing exercises, but I'm too inconsistent.
  11. The Perfect Morning Ritual for Optimal Awesomeness.

    what is the purpose of rubbing ones ears?
  12. I've been debating the idea of a perfect morning ritual and am looking to incorporate different ideas into mine. Do you stretch first thing? Go for a walk? Do some Qigong? Meditate? Wash your face first? What be an AMAZING way to start the day?
  13. Dolphin Suicide and Consciousness: the Cove!

    What I most took away from this was that seafood is dangerous to eat, especially dolphins. The mercury levels are astronomical. World governments were too lax on environmental issues especially with fresh water and polluting into oceans. The dolphins are conscious and we could learn so much from these loving, intelligent beings. They want to connect with us. What the Japanese are doing in this cove is unethical and pure evil. In their mind, they view them as a pest that eats all of their fish. And in reality, it's the HUMANS who are eating all of the fish. Humanity is effin' up the food chain in such a crazy way. Who knows if we can survive the irresponsibility. Sumeria wasn't. Greece wasn't. The Roman Empire wasn't... let's see if this civilization can withstand this imbalance with the world and it's resources.
  14. Just stumbled into this very unique community

    I have been very interested in learning more about the tao. It is very important to let your ego go and be present in the moment. I'd like to learn new techniques of meditation. One of my websites is and I'm always reading or learning something about esoteric subjects. I look forward to connecting on this site.