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  1. Taoist Philosophy

    I like that answer. I shall think about it. Thanks!
  2. Taoist Philosophy

    Thanks for the clarification. Is this passage suggesting that the more wise are the ones who do not avoid rhinos and who go into battle unarmed? I understand that in many cases Lao Tzu ought not be interpreted literally. I'm presuming that there is, however, an underlying argument.
  3. Taoist Philosophy

    "75 The reason why people starve, Is because they take so much in tax-grain. Therefore they starve. The reason why the common people cannot be ruled, Is because their superiors have their reason for acting. Therefore they cannot be ruled. The reason why people take death lightly, Is because they so avidly seek after life. Therefore they take death lightly. Only those who do not act for the purpose of living— Only these are superior to those who value life." I suppose I don't understand the point of Marble's posting, given the contradiction.
  4. Taoist Philosophy

  5. Hey

    Hello all. I have been meditating and practicing the ways of The Way for three months. My life has changed entirely for the better. It is nice to meet you!