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  1. but i was just reading a meditation book thinking about spiritual things and my perineum contracted this is not normal
  2. I stopped doing jekels a long time ago , I just do Yoga Vajroli , Vajroli is when i you bring the penis and testicles upwards by tightening the lower abdominal muscles
  3. well before i practiced semen retention, i never ejaculated, and i haven't masturbated in a week , I only did a few Penis jelgs and exercises an hour ago , but for a teaspoon of semen to come out an hour later while reading spiritual books makes me feel pathetic, I don't know if i should give up penis jelging(exercises)
  4. yes but i haven't masturbated in a week
  5. I do not know why this is going on , Every time i feel bliss in meditation , perineum contracts and i feel semen coming out. I was just reading about qiqong and enlightenment and i felt my perineum contract , i went to urinate in a cup and a teaspoon of semen came out Is this normal? ....
  6. Has meditation really changed me?

    ok it works now thanx
  7. Has meditation really changed me?

    the site does not work , please i want to check it out thanks!
  8. Has meditation really changed me?

    -I have been meditating for 1 year but i felt the results this month -I meditate two times a day ( I surrender to myself , I just remain as "I AM" ) -i practice semen retention & Pranayama -i practice being myself all day with no attachments to anything , feelings thoughts and desires come and they go while I remain as "I AM" with no identification to anything -I have a SAVAGE job so i practice self discipline 11-12 hours a day , I let my anger come and I let it go , I let my "past karmic mind" come and i let it go , Im like the sky and my ego is like the clouds , (i dont want anybody to follow me im not a master ) So do not ask me questions on how to change your life,
  9. Has meditation really changed me?

    I have lucid dreams everyday , They are not 100% lucid that's why i don't pay them too much attention . One time I decided to meditate in my dream and i realized something that gave me the chills , The sense of "being" in the dream is the same as the waking state . The sense of "I AM" is the same in both realms (this was my experience).... but, anyway I don't pay dreams to much attention , I look at experiencing and looking forward to a lucid dream as a weakness ,its some type of escape from life , I must make this waking dimension lucid rather than focusing on my dreams . So i no longer look into my dreams , i let them come and i let them go . By practicing meditation and non attachment i began to have lucid dreams daily. (I do not want anybody to follow my ways because I'm not a master yet )
  10. -I no longer have WILD lust , it is controlled , it is just like a little headache in my mind that i don't need to give in to it , It is a calm type of lust . -I don't have a big urge to be one with a woman , -i no longer get scared in my dreams , I see the frightening dream character with ease . -I feel positive and realize that all thoughts arise from me , including all the negative energies , they come and they go , I don't give in to them , i hope i continue to see positive results . What do you gentlemen think ?
  11. Enlightenment and the Hermit

    lol its easy for me to be a saint in this room, but ill show how much of a saint i am in my physical day job. look at yours egos when ur suffering, that is the right time to meditate. everybody can play a saint in a pleasurable environment, but go ahead live through something harsh and see what type of saint you really are. hard times are perfect for meditation am i wrong?
  12. Thoughts on vegetarianism?

  13. Choosing a Practice

    I have only learned one thing , and this came out of meditation and the help of books that infuleunced me :... "Always be conscious of yourself , Always be conscious in your dreams , never get attached to yourself, never get attached to your ego , never get attached to anything, instead watch everything like a movie .. Stop dreaming in this life because it will lead to your dreaming life . If you wanna know if your really conscious you must watch how conscious you are in your dreams, Escape your prison of fantasy , Instead live your life with consciousness , dont be attached to your pleasures because they keep you asleep ,You must strive to be awake and to have non attachment . There is no problem in this world, the problem in in ourselves , in the midst of war to have peace within is the greatest achievement wake up , escape fantasy! understand that external turmoil is necessary for self growth and inner realization , you must practice conscious living in times of trouble, this is my practice
  14. Sleep Paralysis & Demons of the Night

    i never had a demon on my back or a demon on my chest, but once or two times i felt fingers stroking my back when i was in sleep paralysis , It was 100% real , it was as if somebody was sitting next to me and stroking my back . also one of my spiritual friends had the same experience alot of times . Perhaps it is our own energy that is creating it , or it is a energetic being that is doing it . This is the main reason why im scared of astral projection . But im hoping from now on to free myself from this fear . The worst thing to do is feel the fear , instead you should just allow it to happen and cultivate courageous power . My worst experiences were when giving into the fear , instead i should of tapped into my inner power . When i was young i would awake at night and feel people in my room , i dont know if it was my own fear or if they were spirits . I had so many experiences like that when i was young . Once at night i felt a woman approach me and talk to me , I had courage to listen because i was sleeping next to my mom , .. My gnostic friend told me every time you masturbate , demons from the astral come and collect the semen , he said it was food for them . (he is a gnostic practitioner) (he believes that saving sexual energy will bring one to the astral plane) .
  15. I was going to sleep and i imagined i did not have a body or a mind , I stayed a "witness" through the whole time , My entire body began to shake ,I was fighting to stay awake , the more awake i stayed the more stronger the vibrations got .. I felt my body shift to the right but after it went back to the body , when it went back to the body i realized i was dreaming , after i got lost into my fears and anger inside the dream . I woke up again , i tried going back to sleep and i felt my entire body shake. Right now i feel my lower chakra vibrate" I was awake the entire time , even while going to sleep , I want to know why my entire body felt vibrations? ohhhh man i wish i can conquer my fears, one day i will lol!!!!!! I was reading Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche book on dream yoga , And it said nothing about strong vibrations . He just said to remain conscious while going to sleep . He says through strong practice i might attain "clear light dreams"