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  1. semen in urine

    Loved the T-nation plug, have you ever tried submitting this Kundalini biology stuff as an article there?
  2. jen-mo accupressure point

    I noticed that there's a German Wikipedia article about what it produces https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Injakulation but there doesn't appear to be any English ones... The Nine3 article as well, but I do wonder if there's any scientific evidence of such a feat being possible. Surely if it causes something like the sperm being directed into the blood and reabsorbed, it could be evidenced?
  3. bjj drills, lifts, exercises, etc.

    One thing I wonder about doing things like this: the more we increase the height we raise our foot to in the abductor strengthening movement, that muscle is shortening and we deal with over-active insufficiency challenge. Conversely, when we train adductor flies, the lower we bring our feet, the muscle is lengthening and we deal with under-active insufficiency challenge. What it makes me wonder is, should we be doing a movement to stretch the abductors? The problem is that the thighs get in each other's way so it seems that to adduct past neutral position to do a stretched abductor movement, you need to either abduct the other thigh or else splay them (one thigh flexed the other extended) to clear room to go further. Rather than visualizing it this way, another is with hip tilt. Like for example, if we lead a leg raise to the side with our abductors by tilting our kicking leg's up up first (easy way to learn this: keep feet flat and lift 1 leg off the ground) this would pre-stretch the abductor and give a wider range of movement. Conversely, since this is one way the foot gains height, we might get a false sense of how high 1 leg can raise via its own flexibility with both hips are contributing. Best example of this is how for a back kick, most people's motion comes from flexion of the base leg rather than extension of kicking leg.
  4. Hello for future friends

    I was just starting to read alchemicaltaoism com and it said to post any questions about the topic here, so I thought I would register as I expect to have many in the future. I am pretty ignorant at the moment so I have more studying to do! Thanks for hosting an interesting place like this!
  5. has not set his tao

  6. Hi everyone. I am pursuing taosim & taoism!