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  1. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    You are worthless like the lawyers that got MTBE passed Fuck YOU Asshole
  2. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    Fuck Off forbidden FRUIT
  3. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    MTBE or Benzene is supposed to decrease emissions by increasing combustion or lowering the flash point of gas which increases the temperature of gas in the carburetor, potentially burning off any harmful emissions (harmful to the atmosphere -Not To Humans). about 30 people (some burned alive) have caught fire at the pump since in the introduction of 'MTBE' _yOU LIKE THE THOUGHT OF BURNING ALIVE IN A VERY PUBLIC PLACE The "people" (Bush/Binladden-cock sucker -Head Fucked Owners in part 55% ((fuck yes -read it) -percent of BP, BP, BP.. Yes.. BP OIL is owned by the NAZI!!!!! _Kill TheM All NOW!!!! ((F---- -M) for fear of recognition by the public of an introduction of """""The Most Deadly Toxin Ever"""" into something as common as Gasoline _How Many Gallons a Year you Head Fucks????? -Trillions or HIGHER??? Who the "F-F-F" do you think authorized the use of MTBE????? -A Bush in the Hand is worht Two Fammines and [email protected] wORLD wARZ MTBE is the most toxic substance a result of Petroleum production. 80 BILLION GallIonS a Year -He_aD F-C_K's and then sell the shit in things like SODA, Soap, Dish Soap, Lunch Meat, Condoms, and everything you Wear you Hippo-critical Ass Holes They super heat "Crude in Distillation tower to separate it's molecules ((Fuck Bush)) BTW, BTW, BTW BEnZENE is found in """""ALLL""" Petroleum Distillates -that is any by product of Crude Oil to Gasoline _they (((Fucvk Heazds )) lIKE YO TO BELIEVE THE ONLY PRODUCT OF ""cRUDE oIL IS """Gas"""{ There are close to 6,000 - 6,000 ""PRODUCTS COMES FROM the shit we buY each and every fucking Day -Including those fucking pants you are wearing assholee..Fuck you Dicks FUCK YOU!!!!!!! They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children They Are Killing You Children ps COME AND GET ME buSH -i kILL [email protected]!!!!!!
  4. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    it's not Corexic, but Benzene that needs attention. Corextic is a mineral salt same as in Simple Green, Turpinol _ i recal 20 years ago where 'turpintine' was replaced by "tupinol" it's petroleum based equivalent. Turpintine is vegetable based and if memory serves come as an after product from vegetable tallowate (soap) -millions of time less toxic than it' supposed counterpart 'Turpinol'. I remember where Turpinol was sold on the shelf for about 5 years till several people died from getting it on their skin or inhalation, then regulations were set. The real killer here is PROPElYn GLYCOL. I know we have been trained to over look (fuck bush) some thing we regularly put in our cars, but really what does this chemical do in your system? ' I mentioned before about how VALIUM (AMNESIAC) is produced by mixing BENZENE (the most toxic substance in crude oil)with Propelyn Glycol.. I posted before the MSDHS -Material Safety Handling Data Sheets on Corexic.. If you Mix Benzene with propelyne glycol, then this to a fluorine, chlorine or Iodine Ion then you get a common sleep aid, Anti Anxiety Medication or prior 1950's so called amnesiac.. HA HA HA HA there are tons of chlorine, Iodine and Fluorine in the gulf. Benzene linked to Fluorine has a 30 million year shelf life. Fcuk Busehs, Kill a Copses MTBE as in what you get in your tank every time you PUMP is BENZNE, BENZNE, BENZNE ... Fcuk Busehs, Kill a Copses
  5. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    here's some intuitive: BP was claimed to have avoided news overage of the spill for a couple weeks, but I say the spill was begun at least a month before and some of the initial footage was from that time and not in line with the medias claims. They did so to guarantee amounts of oil in the water necessary to offset annual water temps of the gulf stream generating massive storms -driving ashore the Benzene/Valium Norway will play the next part and a positive one
  6. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    adding to Drews post about "fraking" The northern New York water shed "Saudi Arabia of natural gas" and the gigantic oil reserve situated below New Oreleans -recently depopulated, would become very accessible on areas of land considered uninhabitable and no doubt totally unpopulated by their plans.
  7. HAARP versus Flying craft from other world systems

    the outcome eternal bliss in one moment, then true emptiness
  8. HAARP versus Flying craft from other world systems

    the mother already sided with our choice
  9. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    they have programmed you to believe that "conscience" is worthless. A something left over from the past that can never have bearing on the present time. Only the ""powers that be""" can make change effective for humanity to evolve, or even to survive. I remember when they implemented these beliefs, do you? do you? do you? do you? fuck you? CONSCIENCE is the link between Higher and lower mind, get it? it is true power and always precedes manifestation. See everything they are doing and their reason why.. leave no stone unturned, then trust to conscience. Nothing else
  10. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    right judgment is made when line is drawn between benevolent and malevolent intent. Apart from intelligence, or a worldly view if a persons true feeling intent is of peace or general benevolence, then that persons understanding is in align with cosmic decree MSDHS: Material and safety data handling sheets.. Follow the chemical trail Benzene has to be bound to either Fluorine or chlorine to effect the central nervous system. There is a abundance of these in the air now, and of course in the ocean. From the MSDHS:hydrolase light They are dumping an concentrated amount of a petroleum distillate (left over from Gasoline production) on to the spill...Why? to effect our physiology. they are needing to effect the seat of the soul because time is running short. Why on earth do you imagine it was ever called the seat of the soul?? There has to be a bridge between the purely physical and spiritual higher human potential. they would love to break this link see 'them' now Dig deep into """""""hydrotreated light"""""" and"""""Propylene Glycol"""""""" On Wiki " " hydrocarbon distillates mainly in the C9-C16 range " " Expose them by becoming completely aware of their intent. act as witness of the elder and of god. Let them be exposed within your own conscience. Let conscience be the decisive factor between "benevolent" or "malevolent" Show the elder that the ultimate truth is never hidden from your eyes This is the Guaranteed "rate of attrition in a bottle'
  11. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    Tell BP: Stop burning endangered sea turtles alive. Take action: @CREDOmobile pls RT
  12. Gulf Oil Spill & Continuous Outpour

    assistance is on ongoing. We're on a proving ground these days as a race, though not all are being judged as our heritages aren't all the same. We have been unstable and irresponsible for too long and the elders know it. They also know our potential and would wait a very long time to see it fulfilled, in fact they have. We are proving our universal compassion -no more 'me' There will come a moment soon when the human race is capable of accepting personal and racial mortality and a choice will be made. These elders are capable of steering a planet like a canoe on a lake. stop the me.. we only have a little time left
  13. you can tell from the direction of the spin the water takes as it rises from a spring whether is has more oxygen or hyrogen, the later being uplifting and enlightening. Water can be changed just by spinning it as long as the field it passes through has already achieved a predominant dextrorotatory turning. The palms have it. You can imagine deep in the earth places where water rises of it's own accord. It's own consciousness principle already awakened..