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  1. Northern Star Meditation

    The North Star is a guide star of the heavens and has been used for centuries by travellers to pinpoint their locations and ensure their route od travel was correct. It has often been called "The King", "The Emperor" , or the "Highest Place" , and it has been given the name "Purple Rose" because of its beautiful purple aura. Further, it is forever hovering over the earth therefore forever dependable. So it is fitting that Taoists have used it for thousands of years in a meditative exercise they use for healing & many other purposes. The best time to practice this meditation is in the evening when you are able to see the Star clearly. However, it may be performed during the daytime by simply imagining the star above you. Remember to always face North star when you are doing this method. It will then be easier for your body to recieve the energy. coming from this star. 1) Begin by facing the North Star, which may be located by first finding the Big Dipper. 2) Use your imagination and feel the light of the North Star come down on top of your head at a place called ba Hui or "Meeting of all points" 3)Feel the energy from the "Purple Rose" meet your energy at this point and imagine this area of your head produces a Golden Fire. The Meridians of your body will begin to look transparent and golden. Fell the golden light penetrate your entire body right down to your toes. Its very difficult for begiiners to practice this exercise as it requires great concentration. Once you are able to complete the meditation and feel the golden light enter your body, then you may discover that some places within your body will apear dark or black even, while the rest of the body remains golden colour. The "Dark Areas" within your body is a Disease. Allow light from the North Star to soak into the dark areas until this part also becomes transparent and golden. Whenever you have disease then use this exercise to literally wash it away. You will also find that it helps to refresh,heal,and most of all strengthen your body. EDIT/NOTE: The Northern Star is not visible to those who live in the Southern Hemispheres,Only the North.
  2. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Ok guys, i think i found him
  3. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Goldentaoist, Its been proven also that Lucas Huang address is not in Brisbane. Nobody lives at 121 queen street, its a sham and all hot air ! On Amuletforums They are saying he is from malaysia and is really named rashid ismael. And i think those guys should know. I went to 121 queen street and it is a joke man. Its just a random address he used, nothing to do with anything related to lucas huang whatsoever ! Complete total fiction again. The Telephone number also has nothing to do with anybody even remotely named lucas huang . I called that too ! Its all BS, the entire thing,address,etc. Christ if this guy is the scammer you say, do you really think he would be using his own address and telephone number ? Queen street and the telephone number are complete bollocks. Btw, i have emailed lucas huang everything that has been posted here. After all, he done the right thing by me and i have nothing to complain about. and guess what... he said there are three or four same people making trouble for him all over the net in different id's to destroy his business. and i tend to believe him.
  4. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Christ what are you talking about. I gave him the best possible advice in the world. Whether or not wang wants to get involved is another story. I think he has other things to do besides saving the world. But still good advice nonetheless.
  5. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Well for what its worth, i dont think pie guy has nailed anything correctly in the past month. All his accusations turned out to be nothing more then mass paranoia & mistaken identity. I would seriously look at the training your doing as it seems to be affecting your rational. Now he is seeking protection from taoist black magic and your all buying into that too Whats next, freddy krueger and elm street, Giant snakes attacking you in the night ? Come on guys
  6. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Being realistic is helpful yes. Sitting here saying not to worry or trying to get a novice to recite spells,draw fu's is suicide. Again if you truly feel threatened Then you have to find a teacher or somebody at least that is capable of offering some protection.
  7. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    I say again, its impossible for a novice to defend against somebody experienced. No mind f#### about it, just a fact.
  8. Help with protection from taoist black magick

    Well its impossible for a novice to protect themself against an expert. Your best bet would be to contact Ken or Kathy. Perhaps they can give your photo to master wang and he might be able to put some kind of blanket around you. Your already in the water pie and if you dont learn to swim then you go under.
  9. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Link seems to be down now
  10. Mozi Neidan Scam

    So who are these two guys on the website ? I wonder if it has anything to do with whats been happening here.
  11. Mozi Neidan Scam

    I read on verdesi's forum long ago that arhat or its equal (If there is one?) is somewhere around level Two or Three Mo-Pai. This theory was also supported by denty and some other ex students too. Thanks.
  12. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Ok, just when you thought it was going to end I was emailed some very interesting information & not sure if its been posted here. This guy has a history of doing this. Note the name of the "Lineage" Mr Wu Jing claims to be from ! Sound familiar ?
  13. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Where the hell is my refund for sending the book which supposedly never arrived ? All you people are crying like babies yet i sent a book i paid good $$$ for with my own money now get strung up like this ! I completed my end of the deal yet still end up castrated. As far as im concerned it been worked out with MPG. So talking with anybody else is useless. Its like neichuan paid for the book ,perhaps he was in on the group purchase ?
  14. Mozi Neidan Scam

    You should be banned for defamation and calling me lucas huang. Your just angry because you didnt see the book. Next !
  15. Mozi Neidan Scam

    More ridiculous allegations. Ken calls me tony, Pie says im lucas now your calling me ellijah
  16. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Im not defending lucas, im just saying my products arrived and seem authentic according to various sources. Thats your view of me defending him. And if im running a scam, why did i not collect the thousands of dollars offered to me in the last few months ? I could have easily disappeared and created a new tao bum id.
  17. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Becasue i did not think there would be any problems if i sold it to him.
  18. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Hi Neichuan, I never wanted to sell the book. The moderators can check my pms and will see i had tonnes of messages offering me $400,$600,etc for the book. Those same people are still members here and why they have not defended/supported me is anyones guess. I suppose they dont want people to know they wanted the book. Fair enough. But i never took a cent from any of them. I only accepted more pies money after a very long discussion and he seemed like a genuine guy, which i still stand by after all the insults,name calling,etc. The issue is not about money for me and never was. Its my belief that whats contained in the pages is priceless knowledge & should never to be sold by me again but only shared. After all, im lucky to even be alive. The End.
  19. Mozi Neidan Scam

    That comment right there proved you know nothing about this book. Mopai use fu talisman (i have have all 36 in front of me). How/Why in the hell can you sit there & say its not a mopai related talisman/book unless you have studied the entire 72 levels or own the book yourself ? On what authority do you base those comments ? Are you a mopai student? Oh let me guess, you know several students right loool. Also, How can master Wang say it not mopai, when he too knows nothing about the system ? I already told you people over and over the book & techniques have been confirmed by several of students around the world including greece,indonesia,america On this forum !!! Have fun speculating about topics you all know nothing about but all wish too know.
  20. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Lets move on,
  21. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Electric gravity was ousted for insulting ? Well what about more pie guy telling me to "Eat A Bag Of Dicks" ? Is he going to punished ? The same Rules should apply for everybody. This is very unprofessional to ban/suspend some members while others can say what they like without any repurcussions whatsoever ? Very sad day for the tao bums.
  22. David Shen Verdesi

    I think i remember this post. It was written by Sean Denty sometime ago after he attended one of Master Wangs seminars. I will post it below with the link. It was a sobering week, which certainly reflected David’s words. The excitement of meeting Wang Liping, was quickly overshadowed by long painful sittings were Sifu Wang used his abilities to create a field of external pressure that literally pressed in on us, magnifying the usual discomfort of sitting for over and hour by several times. We were asked not to move at all during training sessions while Sifu, in his gentle, pleasant voice, ordered us to simply obey his commands like good solders as he led us through each training session, occasionally adjusting our qi and the color and quality of our individual fields End of Quote ! The Tao Bum.
  23. David Shen Verdesi

    A hidden Lei Shan Dao Sect in India hahahaha, its good to have a laugh sometimes
  24. David Shen Verdesi

    Bamboo, $3900 is simpy ridiculous and no normal person can afford that. Anyway from what i have read about the kathy li branch of DG recently, i wouldnt be in a great rush to go there either. I read here about another Wang Liping branch in New York (i think?) offering the same techniques and more at an affordble rate. As for david verdesi i would steer clear of him as hes a known con man who only wants your money. Thanks.