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  1. Hey , Thanks for the tips !.. Ive Been Trying everything i can , I still have this ton of pressure right on my chest . The Pressure is actually right around where i have a large incision from having 5 ribs removed when i was 18 . Could the Qi pressure build up be there because of poor circulation due to scar tissue under the skin ? Ive delt with alot of pain way back a few years ago when i first started doing Zhang Zhuang. Came to the conclusion way back then that i was re-living my scar/ injury , as many books describe u may encounter. Dont know if this is just maybe a reoccuring episode from way back that i have to just live through, or malpractice. Id love to find a Qigong master but living in Canada, im sure it would be hard . Lately ive been concentrating my Yi and shen on my nose and just focusing on the breath and letting the chest relax .. The mere glimpse of a thought "my chest is finally relaxing " tenses it right back up. Any input is greatly appreciated. ps. Another wierd coincidence is that my heart burn has been worse then ever the last few months .. Justin.
  2. Thank you for your time, Recently i have become sick and have felt a tremendous amout of pressure on my chest. Iv'e also recently came to an understanding that Holding my breath so much during cultivation may be the cause of this. I've Been Standing Zhan Zhuang for 15-25 mins daily, along with if i orgasm i hold my seed in from the million dollar spot. Im starting to think i have become entirely way too yang, as i have also been lifting heavy weights daily before i got sick. My Trouble is this .. i feel stuck with a lump of Qi in My solar Plexus this entire week and the more i try to relax it, it gets stronger in pressure. The pressure Works its way up to my heart, its starting to worry me and cause my shen to be overexcited/emotional. My questions to the reader are as follows: 1. Should I Stop Holding the million dollar point during an orgasm ? ( have had past troubles of hemorrhoids when it caused too much pressure) 2. Is There any way i can clear this blockage ? and or is it just pressure there because of my recent sickness working its way into my lungs. -- My only conclusion so far is that i was taking way too deep of breaths and holding them way too long. "The Root Of Chinese QiGong" has helped me see that there is a time and place for holding breath and it should be used sparingly. I made it part of my daily Ritual as well as during a peek orgasm i found myself holding my breath because naturally the Qi would build up by far more. --Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area, Im a big noob when it comes to forums.. i mainly read them. Thanks, Justin
  3. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    yah Steven , you should definitely read that book of his i found it awesome. I Found a great spot to put my tongue through that book. I can actually feel little shocks of pins and needles flowing through the tongue when my current is strong.I put my tongue right in that drop off from hard palate to soft, just the tip. Also, I wonder if they will ever make it illegal to circle the microcosmic orbit while driving lmao. I find i can do it best there or while reading a book on it.
  4. Recently I've been reserving my jing for many months now and the energy increase is outstanding. Ive also been using this energy from the sperm to open up my main channels. Using Mantak Chia's book as a somewhat guide, he has helped me circulate and feel the chi a lot better then ever before. Recently i have increased the flow profoundly and am feeling a constant shocking energy through the tongue while touching the palate. Recently i think the energy has somewhat overflowed from the Tan Tien . Ive read that You can somewhat relive old pains, feel old scars, or in my case tattoo's and removed ribs. For the past 3 days my ribcage has had a tender pain throughout it. I went through a 9 hour surgery, where they scraped off excess cartledge and actually removed 5 ribs, they also lowered my cage to help protect organs. Im guessing its purifying my body , well thats what ive read ... it feels like ive done alomost 1000 situps or something and its been 8 years since the surgery . My left nipple i have a tattoo surrounding it and its tender too, i can feel the old pain i swear .. This sensation isn't happening in any other areas of my body where ive went through pain. Im guessing since the energy has a tendency to rise it has overflowed from the tan tien. If anyone has experienced these extraordinary pains , or heard of them ? feel free to comment , or feel free to express what stage your at with circulating chi through the Microcosmic. Thanks !
  5. Semen Consistancy/color

    i just lasted 12 days that was hard enough ! but my next goal is 28 because Chia says that after 4 weeks a man can really feel the cold energy alot more. Today was the day i lost my vital essence ive been really studying my mood and what it did for me after i ejaculated. I didnt even want to lol. My girl was also trying not to let me go but i must have went a little to far and couldnt return haha . Funny i spent around 3 hours 2 days ago having sex and held back perfectly each time . Im blaming it on being the morning and i was extra sensitive GOOD LUCK ALL ! HOLD IT BACK !
  6. Best OBE Program

    i have quite a few on it , my favorite has been "MASTERING ASTRAL PROJECTION" its a 90 day guide by Robert Bruce & Brian Mercer. Gives you daily goals and stuff energy related pretty amazing and helped me have a couple. they are scary tho haha. GOOD luck!
  7. Balancing Out Energy Twitches

    Yes thanks for the suggestions! , i always keep the tongue on the soft pallette when i practice . I think ive solved the problem tho its stopped after some moving around in tai chi I think ive cleansed the blockage or something because its 100% better now .. i spent a good hour yesturday just increasing my flow and feeling it out. Oh and by holding back testosterone i ment sperm lol. I feel a tremendous increase in chi when ive held it back for 5 days or more. As for the standing i will continue it, i want to get to my hour goal I think in general tho my lesson learnt is you need a good balance of Moving tai chi/ qi gong and zhaung zhang / standing zen . they compliment eachother and should never be neglected. Thanks Once again guys ! Jayem
  8. What to do ? .. I was standing for up to 15 minutes at a time everyday and also holding back alot of testosterone.. i cultivated alot of energy along with a nasty annoying twitch in my lower eyelid. Has anyone else Experienced this ? is there any suggestions on how to get it to stop ... ? ? it stops when i concentrate on the dan tien but starts up if im not centered . Is it an imbalance i should be working out by sending energy there or what ? its very discouraging and i want to get past it .. Ive taken a week off standing and it is still very prevelent. Thanks for reading Jayem
  9. The Feeling of Chi /Progress

    Yah , thanks for the reply . Last night i was giving my girlfriend a massage and decided to send chi out or "jing" actually. The results were amazing i had her muscles clenching up under the lightest touch and she thought i was trying to tickle her. I kept reasuring her that i wasn't using my hands to push into her. She had to feel to see if my hand was moving at all lol. The chi flows better through surtain fingers also, she would help me by pinpointing where the most sensations were coming out of. After sending the chi into her back she kept saying how hot it felt. One time i sent alot out of one finger and she said it felt like a bee sting . Ive begun to train her in the ways and shes eger to learn i cant wait to feel the Chi coming out of someone else. Thanks Everyone
  10. The Feeling of Chi /Progress

    Thanks for the reply so quick, So it definetly is the chi then i feel throwing my head forward.. i usually let it flow back to , my dantien from what i can sense at least. Also, i know exactly where you were getting with the Chi being un-readable, afterall it is "ammune to all laws of creation and destruction" , Thanks
  11. The most intence herbal/chemical ive taken, and ive tried many would be PEA or phenyl-ethyl-alinine (probly spelt wrong). its not one for u if your on any MAOI inhibitors because of the dose change. This is the Drug found in Dark chocolate the "Love drug" I purchased a big bag of it from Purebulk... This stuff made me for 45 mins feel like every hair on my body was standing on end , i layed down and swam on the floor for a good 5 mins. Chazy stuff.. that was on 2 grams..
  12. Hi , ive been into Ritsuzen for quite some time now. there is literally hundreds of different names for this training but im more focused on the Taikiken side of the standing zen spectrum. Ive always had what i think to be a good feel for throwing energy around my body. Lately ive been standing for up to 12 mins and i plan on taking this up to an hour because of the amazing effects i can feel afterwards. I honestly think it has raised my Chi levels . Way back around a year ago i could send energy quickly from the bottom of my spine up and feel it hit my head. But Now, when i do this it almost throws my head forward. Is this an inbalance or is this natural ? or is my chi getting alot stronger and it hasnt balanced out in my crown ? Does anyone out there have similar feelings ? if so i would love to hear on your Feats of Chi. Explain your favorite way of cultivating chi also if you would like. I know many forms from different cultures, its just good to hear from the experienced taoists. Thank you for your time Justin
  13. Hey everyone

    hey everyone , My names justin and ive been very interested in the ways of energy for well over 8 years, im now 23 and feel like im progressing at a gradual rate. I was very interested in kundalini yoga for the most part because of the amount of energy it would invoke and awaken .. i havnt even tried Qi gong or anything but the structure of it attracts me , i feel as if kundalini yoga is so unstructured and its more a self serve basis...Im going to continue to come to this website because i have read some very insightful stuff that went farther then i thought you could go in depth . My acomplishments with my energy movement includes some of the following .. i can instantaneously shift a large amount of energy to any part of my body at any time whether in trance or not ... i can hear the energy rush past my ear drums when sending from the base of my spine to the crown (i want people to tell me if they get this too, it sounds like someone shaking a sheet of metal flying by my ears).. with my third eye ive sent some massive amounts of energy to it and seen all sorts of colours and crazy things , the pulsing has been out of this world. I feel like im on the verge of something much bigger , id love for hints and tips to take it to the next level .. My ultimate goal is to be able to astral project ! i have another big interest in our planets crystals and the attributes they can share with us. I recently have been reading lots on this Orgone Tachyon suff and i want to get my hands on some . Anyways Any reply on any of the things i have mentioned would be greatly appretiated , thank you !